How to Use Your Intuition in Dating

Deep down, you have an internal ‘super power’ that can help you navigate the dating process. It’s called your intuition.

Intuition is defined as “the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning.” It can be a gut feeling, an instant knowing, a hunch, or an unexplainable ‘sense’ about something that turns out to be right.

For purposes of this article, let’s think of intuition as your internal guide or compass giving you a sense of whether or not a person or dating situation is healthy—or unhealthy—for you. This goes far beyond the first impression you have of someone. It taps into how you feel in their presence.

What is Intuition?

A psychology.com article says, “Intuition, like first impressions, serves the brain’s need to predict and prepare for what will happen next. First impressions are rapid, holistic assessments of people based on subtle perceptual cues and judgment of intent to help or harm. Both rely on automatic processes and, as rapid evaluation systems, both are subject to error, especially from biases we hold.”1

Your intuition uses all of your previous life history and experiences to try to help your brain make the right decision in the moment. It doesn’t even have to make logical sense.

Your brain doesn’t want you to be put in harmful situations, so it will try to avoid anything that can potentially harm you.

How Your Intuition ‘Speaks’ to You

Everyone has intuition, although some people may not feel connected to it. Some may appear to be more intuitive than others and may even come across as psychic. What matters is how your intuition speaks to YOU.

See if you resonate with any of these feelings:

You walk into a new place and your body tightens up; your muscles contract or you don’t feel safe—you have a gut feeling that something’s ‘off’
You meet someone new and you feel a dreadful sinking sensation in the pit of your stomach, or your muscles tighten up and you feel uncomfortable
You interact with someone new and you feel ice cold all over like something’s really wrong (and it’s not just the temperature in the room)
You walk into a new place and your body relaxes; you feel completely at peace, and you DO feel safe—you find yourself opening and expanding
You meet someone new and you feel an immediate sense of peace as if your nervous system is calmed by their presence—you find yourself leaning in towards them naturally
These are all intuitive feelings. The feelings can be subtle or strong (it’s different for everyone). But always pay attention to them, because it may be your intuition speaking to you.

How You Feel Around Your Date Says a Lot

Pay attention to how your body feels during the first few dates with someone—AND while you’re communicating with them to arrange the dates. I’m not just talking about physical attraction. How do you feel in their presence?

Do you feel ‘lit up’ (or enthusiastic) in their presence or shut down?
Do you feel open and expanded, or closed off and contracted?
Do you feel jittery? Nervous? Anxious? Does your chest feel tight? Does your body feel tense? If so, your intuition may be telling you, “No—this person isn’t healthy for me.”
Do you feel calm and at peace, as if your whole nervous system has been soothed?
Do you feel an instant recognition, as if you’ve known this person for a long time? If so, your intuition may be saying, “Yes—this person is healthy for me.”
If you’re searching for a long-term partner, how you feel in this person’s presence truly matters. If you feel like something’s off, trust that.

You might even have a conversation with your date about how they’re feeling and see how it unfolds.

(And if you’re super shy and have no idea how you feel, check out my “Shy Girls Guide to Dating.”)

It’s Not About Being Right or Certain All the Time

You may have a ‘feeling’ about someone that turns out to be wrong…and that’s okay. Sometimes that can be your own bias at play. Or maybe YOU have internal blocks that are getting in the way of your own dating process. (Click here to get coaching.)

Think of your intuition as an internal feeling that can help guide you in the right direction and steer you away from harm.

Test Your Intuition

After each date, reflect on how you felt with that person. Write your thoughts down in a notebook. What kind of behaviors and feelings did that person draw out of you? Did they make you feel crazy and insecure? Did they inspire you to want to show up as your best?

If you have “predictions” or intuitive flashes about the person, write them down and see if they turn out to be right or not.

You can also experiment and use your intuition to make decisions. For example, you might say, “I felt really good around that person—I’ll go on a second date with them (if they’re open to it).” Then see how the second date goes.

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