Dear Dr. Frankie,

I live in San Francisco and I am a single mother of a two-year-old boy.  I work and study and I am having an extremely hard time meeting other women who are interested in the same things I am. I am attractive but I just don’t know if I’m sending the right message out there. I feel like shouting “I’m A Single Pretty Lesbian!” just to make sure people can see me.  You know?  My question is what’s the best way for me to meet other women with my interests, besides your website because I know that’s the first step, right?  Thank you for your time and consideration and the fact that you are actively working on making others as happy as you are. 

Thank you!

-Single in SF

Dear Single in SF,

Thank you so much for your sweet words.  It’s really an honor to be able to reach out to so many women in the hopes of bringing them relationship bliss!  With a young child at home, work and school – it’s very important for you to create the emotional and logistical space for a future girlfriend.

Often when women have as much as you do on their plates they wait to meet the perfect woman before they start dating.  This strategy is a mistake and will drastically limit your dating options.  Don’t wait for the perfect person to come along and then try to create space for that person.  Instead get a babysitter, get comfortable being away from your son, go out and be social.  Put up a profile on Match.com.  Don’t wait for the “perfect” woman to come your way.  Go out and have fun.  By making space and time for dating you will create that positive energy and confidence to date successfully and eventually meet your mate!

Increase your potential to meet other women with similar interests by going to events that draw other professional, educated women.  Attending black tie fund raisers hostedn by NCLR, GLAAD, HRC, and the SF LGBT Center will increase your philanthropic karma and your chances of meeting a great woman!

And you are absolutely right!  Put up a profile on littlegaybook.com for an opportunity to get matched with one of my amazing clients!  Good luck to you!

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