Lesbian Love Advice: 2014’s Relationship Blog Posts In Review

Now that we’re a week into the new year, with our resolutions still in full view, I thought I’d look back over 2014 for a little inspiration:
Last year’s blog posts, videos and email newsletters were on some rich topics:

I’m struck by four things as I look back in review:
  1. There are no guarantees when it comes to partnership
  2. It’s important to always take care of yourself
  3. Having an open heart is truly a lifelong endeavor
  4. We must resist the confines of geography (when it comes to finding love)
Much of my reflectivenss comes from my own experience of separating with my partner of 12 years this past spring. We care about each other and our children deeply and we chose to separate. Similary, one of my consultants went through a painful break up. Neither of us regret our decisions or relationships, but the grieving and healing process takes time.
It’s important to always take care of yourself. Regardless of whether you are single or coupled, self-care is paramount.  Making time for exercise is especially important. Going for a quick job or a just doing a set of exercises found on Pinterest does wonders for your mind and studies show the increase in endorphins can stave off depression. Check out my self-care guidelines on my website.
Having an open heart is lifelong endeavor. Life is a painful journey. Divorce, break ups and general hardship can take its toll on our hearts. We may build walls to protect ourselves, only to feel isolated and disconnected. Resist this urge. Accept that life is a journey and every relationship is necesssary for your journey. Having an open heart is all about being vulnerable. Vulnerability is essential for quality human connection, love and change. If you’re uncomfortable with vulnerability, watch the TED talks by Brene Brown. Put her tips into daily practice.
Resist the confines of geography: There are women all over the world in my matchmaking database and they all want a loving, quality partner, long-term partner. Resist the urge to only seek a mate in your zip code. Just because she doesn’t live in your city right now, doesn’t mean she might not in the future. It’s about finding the right mate for you and that doesn’t always fall within tidy boundaries. Read more…

Want more advice? Peruse my 2014 topics. Don’t see anything of interest? Drop us a line.

In the new year, what kind of blog posts/articles would YOU like to read about?
PLEASE SUBMIT YOUR IDEAS HERE(via an email to my assistant Shelley). I love coming to you every month and I welcome your feedback.

Happy New Year! May you and family feel happiness and abundance in 2015.

Dr. Frankie Bashan
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