Meet Dr. Frankie Bashan, Lesbian/Bi/Trans Matchmaker

Dr. Frankie Bashan

I’m an optimist. I believe that love – finding it, sharing it, experiencing it – is within everyone’s reach.

But that doesn’t mean it isn’t challenging. Making connections can be inspiring, fulfilling – and overwhelming. That’s why I launched Little Gay Book in 2009. As the premiere lesbian matchmaking service in the United States, I bridge connections between women who have everything – except for someone to share it with.

Whether you’re a shy introvert seeking support as you peek out of your shell or a confident extrovert who knows what you want but can’t seem to find it, my intuitive approach, grounded in the emotional intelligence that comes from over twenty years of clinical psychology with lesbian, gay, and bisexual couples and individuals, is for you. I’m a Sagittarius and an old soul who can put anyone at ease. I’m energetic, focused, and driven in all areas of my life, but especially when it comes to my passion: helping people connect and create happiness and love. And I have the unheard-of 85% success rate to match.

I’m also a sex therapist incorporating a holistic approach to pleasure and sexual connection into both my matchmaking and my one-on-one practices. Find out more.

Want to know more about me? I live in the San Francisco Bay Area, and am a proud co-parent of two 16-year-old twins. I love lifting, my 20lb cat Ollie, and creating community wherever I go.

I am Love

I’m incredibly hard working and often don’t stop until it’s done, the right way.
I’m terrified of heights
I have an incredibly sensitive sense of smell
I absolutely love being a mother to my boy/girl twins
I prefer the beach over the snow any day
I believe everyone deserves to love and be loved
I sometimes have anxiety that I’ve learned to deal with
I absolutely love to dance usually till I drop
I love to laugh and I love making others laugh even more!
I dislike mean people, selfish people and conceited people
I love “femme”ing it up
I get carsick when in the passenger seat
I love dark chocolate
I prefer savory over sweet
I dislike phony
I’m a sucker for andro/soft butch chicks
I often speak really fast and sometimes loud
When I’m mad or have had two or more drinks my New York accent is bound to come out
I am directionally impaired and can get lost in a paper bag
I can sometimes be a real ditz causing people to make jokes throughout my life that I should have been a blonde
I’m drawn to warm personalities
I sometimes wear wigs especially when I’m feeling sassy
People often think I have brown eyes but they’re really hazel
I’m left handed
Most of my clothing and shoes are vintage and consignment purchased
I like to re-purpose when possibly and rarely purchase things new if I can avoid it
I love sexy smoky eyes
I love fashion design
I am a native New York with some attitude
I feel incredibly fortunate for the gift of intuition and a sixth sense when it comes to matching people for romance
My favorite two people in the world are my 15 year old twins Shea and Asher
I am terrified of horror films
I will scour the ends of the earth to find my matchmaking clients a partner they can fall in love with
There is nothing more exciting to me than making a successful match
I believe we are all miracles
I am very confident but get nervous speaking in front of larger crowds.
It’s easy for me to give love to others
I wanted to join the circus as a small child
I enjoy lifting really heavy weights
I do CrossFit type workouts almost daily
I care about nutrition and the quality of foods that I put into my body
My favorite thing to drink is water
I love traveling overseas and having new and interesting adventures
I am an extrovert who gets my energy from engaging with others
I am sometimes impatient
I am direct and value communication
I appreciate constructive criticism
I love being challenged and thrive when I’m able to be creative and independently productive.

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