Yale Speed Dating with Little Gay Book

Yale Speed Dating with Little Gay Book


Dr. Frankie and the Yale LGBTQ Affinity Groups are delighted to announce “mix and mingle” virtual events.

We combine the power of two different technologies to make the magic happen. The events take place on the Zoom app with all dates happening in Break Out Rooms based on the algorithm of our proprietary smartphone speed matching technology.

❤ How it works:

Using simple smartphone technology, we tailor the event to the age of the person you’d like to meet. You tell us your preferred date’s age range and we send you a smartphone message after each 5-minute round to meet them. We remove the obstacles to getting face to face with a new friend and leave the real connection to you.

After each 5-minute round, you will add “feedback” about your date (“2nd date,” “Friend” or “Business”). 24 hours later, you’ll receive a smartphone message with contact info for your matches. While it’s not full matchmaking, this smartphone messaging technology allows a more tailored experience than random, public speed dating.

This is a great chance to meet other people who are also looking to connect and these events are filled with great conversations, smiles, and laughter. Lots of date matches *and* friend matches – come check it out!

Women4Women – November 5th, @ 7pm ET

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Men4Men – December 2nd @ 7pm ET

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People4People – December 18th, @ 7pm ET

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