Time to Meet Cupid

In this fifth episode of the “Love Laughs & Lessons” podcast series, join hosts Denise Rai and Dr. Frankie Bashan as they introduce you to the world of LGBTQ matchmaking with Tony Smith, also known as Denver’s Cupid. Tony is one of the few LGBTQIA matchmakers in the United States, and he brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the table.

Discover the story behind Denver’s Cupid, a matchmaking company specializing in executive matchmaking for exceptional LGBTQ singles. Tony’s journey into matchmaking was inspired by a lifetime of connecting people, including his mother’s Filipino Disco Parties, where he witnessed the power of bringing people together.

Learn about Denver’s Cupid’s unique approach to matchmaking, which focuses on aligning clients with LGBTQ singles they’re genuinely attracted to, who share similar values, lifestyles, and relationship goals. Say goodbye to endless swiping, as Denver’s Cupid offers a 100% private, bespoke matchmaking experience.

In this episode, Tony shares his personal journey and the secrets to his matchmaking success. Explore the impact of Denver’s Cupid’s social and speed dating events, which have connected over 700 participants, resulting in over 300 couples enjoying memorable dates, over 1,800 forming new friendships, and more than 40 forging valuable business connections.

Join us on this enlightening journey as we uncover the art of matchmaking and the power of connection with Denver’s Cupid. Whether you’re a seasoned matchmaker, on a quest for love, or simply curious about the world of matchmaking, this episode is filled with insights that can transform your perspective on love and relationships.

Don’t miss “Meet Cupid: Unveiling LGBTQ Matchmaking with Denver’s Cupid.” Tune in to discover the magic of matchmaking and the profound impact of connection in the LGBTQ community and beyond.


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