The Social Dilemma

What’s going on everybody? I recently saw a movie called The Social Dilemma and it was so eyeopening. I feel compelled to get on here and just encourage all of you to take an hour and a half to watch it. I think we have an ethical and a moral obligation even to ourselves to watch this movie about what’s happening with social media and how it’s impacting us and how much calculation has been behind all of it, how the algorithms and artificial intelligence are basically creating prototypes of each and every one of us. And the feed that they’re showing us is specific to each of us. So my feed that I see on Facebook and Instagram is not the same feed that anybody else I know sees. And they’re watching us, listening to us, and really targeting us for not such good things. Lots of bad stuff is coming out of it.

So take some time to watch it, educate yourselves and then make healthy choices for yourself. Like you might want to turn off your notifications, take a break from your phone, stop looking at different posts or threads that cause you to feel anxious, depressed, insecure, hypercritical of your appearance. Things like that. There’s a lot of crap out there that just targets your vulnerability and people are capitalizing on it. Behind the scenes there’re kind of puppeteers and there’s even a visual in the movie that shows you how Facebook figured out that they could manipulate people and get people to purchase, targeting their vulnerabilities, their sensitivities, and monetizing that.

Look at the politics, look at the political climate right now. This is the most polarized we’ve ever seen our country. And there’s been tons of fake news and shit that they have led us to believe. And now we don’t even trust our closest family members. And we’ve been estranged from friends and family members and so much pain and suffering is coming out of this that we need to collectively make a change and really do what it takes to step away from this and prevent them from continuing to cause so much incredible systemic harm to all of us. So please, please, please watch it, comment, share, and continue to just take good care of yourself. Love yourself and don’t believe everything you see and hear because plenty of it isn’t true.

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