Lesbian First Date: What NOT to do (from a whole group of different women)

When you’re on a first date, do you drink too much, talk about your Ex or show up looking sloppy? These are serious FIRST DATE No’s! And my group of diverse women will tell you all about it! The top Lesbian First Date No’s include:
#1: Overdrinking (1-2 is max, drink water & pace yourself). 2 Drinks max
#2: Drink water & pace yourself
#3 Do not talk about your Ex (Do not overshare) Talking about your ex is a major turn off
#4: Make sure other people really cares. Don’t show up in a really casual outfit – no sneakers, no baseball hats. Make an effort to look good.
#5: Spending time on your phone. Put your phone away!
#6: Sharing too personal things on a first date (like super, extreme personal info, traumas…).
#7: Overaggressive.
Listen, take this in and apply it and tell your friends, so we can improve our ability to be more successful on our first dates!

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