Lesbian Dating: Young Lesbian Attracted to Older Lesbians – Is there Something Wrong with Me? (No!)

Dear Dr. Frankie: “Girls my age bore me. I’m attracted to older women (women 15-20 years older than me). Is there something wrong with me.?” This is NOTHING wrong with you! Nothing. It sounds like, you enjoy older, wiser women. Age differences in lesbian relationships are VERY common. The one thing I want you to be prepared for is that many people will have assumptions about your attraction: You’re looking for a mom-figure, you’re looking for someone to take care of you, etc…. and I encourage you to develop a response that might sound like this: “I tend to not be able to really connect with people my age, and I’ve felt more comfortable with people older than me…and that’s how I’m attracted to women who are older… Watch the video to find out the rest of what I tell my young friend to say.

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