Lesbian Dating: I’m a Proud Bisexual Woman and I’m Tired of Having to Explain Myself

A new lesbian dating question is from Josephine of Virginia:
“I’m a bisexual femme. I know many lesbians have issues with bi-women, but I’m proud of who I am and so were many of my lovers. However, it’s still very frustrating when I have to explain my identity repeatedly to women who think I need to choose a side, or I’m not
really a lesbian. Do you have any advice?”

The Good News? It’s getting better.
I think that women the queer community are becoming more accepting of differences. As the transgendered community is becoming more open, more comfortable, more exposure and more education….It’s sort of making bisexual women/bisexual
community sort of less intimidating/scary….more known, more understandable……

When we don’t understand things, we just sort of…. our fear starts to creep up and shut down… we shut off… we disconnect.

And a lot of times, what happened with bisexual women, at least, what I find, is that they haven’t felt very welcome… and it sounds
like you’re having that experience, where you’re having to justify your bisexuality and you’re feeling like you need to choose a side….

I think continue to feel confident, and comfortable with who you are, you’re a bisexual woman… be proud of it. Help people understand what that means for you and not to generalize when
somebody hears that someone is bisexual woman and not to assume that they are THIS type of bisexual woman or THAT type of bisexual woman and instead just see them for an individual….

We are all different and I think it is important for you to embrace who you are and be confident and comfortable with who you are and help educate people so they can understand and they don’t have to shut people out because of fear of not knowing or not understanding….so keep doing, what you’re doing.

Take Care.

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