Lesbian Dating: I’m 50 and Feeling Lost About Dating

Octavia is a 50 year old lesbian with a dating history of intimate, loving, healthy long-term relationships, yet… she finds that all of her relationships “just weren’t right.” What is she doing wrong?

This is actually, a very common question I hear in my dating coaching practice. And if so many people are suffering, what is the solution? It’s a complicated answer in a short video, so I’ll boil it down to one word to help propel the conversation:

It comes down to unrealistic expectations.

We’ve been told that everything is fixable, interchangeable and can be done immediately. But when it comes to human behavior and intimate relationships, you’re dealing with intimacy, vulnerability and some really complex and difficult issues, these things take some REAL work.

Watch the video to hear me give some advice to Octavia. While it’s not a checklist of things to do, it IS a solution that WILL help you in the future of your dating life.

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