Lesbian Dating: Are My Expectations Too High?

Found yourself in your mid-30’s, single and baffled as to how your relationships always seem to end? Think you might have too high of expectations? Read on as I answer Heather’s question on this very topic…..

“I’m a very happy lesbian in my late 30’s, but I’m a little baffled by my dating life. I’ve just recently got out of a healthy monogamous
relationship w/ someone I loved very much.

We split because the relationship just wasn’t right, and I got to thinking: While I loved all my ex’s, all of these ended because they
just weren’t right. Are my expectations too high? I don’t think so.
Or how is it that they all end? I don’t think I could go through
another break up anytime soon, what do you suggest I do?

So… Heather…I think that you bring up a really good question
The truth is, there’s a “cost for admission.”

And when I say that…ya know… I mean that…
when you get into a relationship with somebody, there are gonna be issues that come up.

We are ALL imperfect beings….. And….No one…. right.. is complete perfection…. so it’s important for you to be realistic about your expectations

And know that

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