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Love, Laughs & Lessons
Episode 20
Maria Avgitidis

Joining Dr. Frankie and Denise Rai in a captivating session of “Love, Laughs, and Lessons,” is Matchmaker Maria, a fourth-generation matchmaker renowned for her innovative approach to forming lasting relationships. In this episode, Maria delves into why she pairs entrepreneurs with partners who offer complementary stability, rather than similar career paths, emphasizing the importance of balance in relationships. With over a decade of experience and a unique blend of traditional and modern techniques, Maria discusses how she utilizes deep psychological insights to ensure her clients find partners who truly enhance their lives. This discussion not only explores her successful strategies but also sheds light on the personal philosophies that have shaped her career, offering listeners invaluable perspectives on love and compatibility.

Maria, affectionately known as Matchmaker Maria, is a celebrated fourth-generation matchmaker with a rich legacy of connecting people. Blending the time-honored traditions of her family’s past with cutting-edge relationship psychology, Maria has carved out a niche in the matchmaking industry that is both innovative and deeply respectful of individual needs. Her approach is uniquely holistic, focusing on the balance and complementarity of partnerships rather than just similarities.

With over a decade of professional experience, Maria has gained renown for her ability to understand the deeper psychological profiles of her clients and to strategically pair them with partners who will bring stability and enrichment to their lives. Particularly known for her work with entrepreneurs, Maria ensures that her clients find partners who add the necessary grounding to their dynamic lifestyles. Beyond her matchmaking prowess, Maria is an avid educator and speaker, sharing her insights on relationships and matchmaking at conferences and seminars worldwide. Her dedication to her craft and her clients’ happiness has established her as a pivotal figure in the world of love and relationships.

Maria Avgitidis Pyrgiotakis (@matchmakermaria) • Instagram photos and videos
Agape Matchmaking

In 2022 Dr. Frankie presented a TedX talk focusing on the topic of sexual fluidity. You can view it here: https://youtu.be/mIjAqACtCLg

Her latest venture is as CEO & Founder of LittleBlackBookMatchmaking.com, specializing in personalized matchmaking and singles events for heterosexual singles.

Dr. Frankie’s coaching is based in Northern California, but clients can access her services via Zoom from around the globe. To learn more about working with Dr. Frankie 1:1: please visit this URL: https://littlegaybook.com/coaching/

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