How to Pick Up a Lesbian

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A question today from Vicki, who resides in Boston and she writes: “I’m perplexed on how to pick up a woman. Do I compliment her, or tell her she’s pretty or what? Those all seem so insincere. How do I strike up a conversation?”

So this is something that women really tend to struggle with. I think that we’re just we’re not comfortable with it striking
up a conversation it’s not something that I think we learn early on, so here we are as adults and we’re wanting to meet somebody and yeah, we’re overwhelmed about going up to them and asking them something because we don’t wanna seem stupid or silly or embarrass ourselves.

But really is, if you’re real, and authentic, people are going to be more receptive to you.

So if you notice somebody, across the room, and they caught your attention, why not just go over, introduce yourself and say,

“Hey I noticed you. You absolutely beautiful or there’s something about you that caught my eye. And I really wanted to come over and say hello and if I hadn’t, I would have been kicking myself.”

And then start a conversation with her.

People love to laugh so if you can get her to laugh and just be light and a little bit silly, I think that, that would be a great start. And you’ll know right off the bat, if this person is closed off

You’ll know! Right off the bat, it won’t take very long for you to realize that maybe they’re already taken, they’ll let you know or maybe they’re just not open…

Or maybe they are just too uncomfortable with themselves
to accept you, sort of expressing interest in them

And that’s probably not somebody that you wanna deal with anyway. So, early on, you’re going to figure that out, so I would just take the risk, go up and introduce yourself, let them know that you noticed them and try to make them laugh.

And that would be a REALLY good start. Good luck

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