How to Meet Lesbians In a Small Town?

How to meet women when you like in a small town and there isn’t a gay/lesbian bar? I get asked this all the time – you’re not alone!
The key is to NOT sit at home and expert her to knock on your door. I’ve been a lesbian matchmaker for almost a decade and I can tell you this: The lesbians are out there, they WANT to meet you AND they are looking for something to do to meet the women too, so why don’t you start your own event? Host an event where you’re the coordinator and get to meet all the people that attend. It could be a book club, a hike, a walk or something that you enjoy.

Also, you never know where you’ll meet women. They like coffee shops (I see lots of women in coffee shops!), they like to work-out (you could meet a woman at the gym or while cycling), they like sports (intramural sports, flag football, softball), etc.

Just try to think of things that lesbian women like and go do them or host an event that you think they would be drawn to. And JUST DO IT!

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