How Are Lesbians So Cliquish? How Are Lesbians So Socially Inept?

“Ask Dr. Frankie” question from Athena asks, “How are lesbians so clique-ish? I go to public events where there are plenty of females, mostly heterosexual and all the women introduce themselves and start chatting. But when I go to Gay/Lesbian events, it seems as if everyone is in their little Cliques. How are they so socially inept?”

My answer: In the gay world, there are more women in one space…. and we’re seeing what women naturally do: they tend to hang out with each other and even if they’re single and really wanting to meet somebody, they often are going in groups to events, and really just engaging w/people they are comfortable/familiar with.

What THEY SHOULD be doing is looking around the room, trying to see if there’s anyone in the room that looks attractive, trying to make eye contact with people, but what happens is that we are just wired in a certain way, that is different from men, which is to stay close to our friends, not look too vulnerable, to NOT look like we WANT to meet somebody necessarily… we might look too eager… or too open…. Watch the remaining minute to find out the rest!

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