Femme Lesbian Tips: How To Find Other Feminine Women

Are you a Femme having trouble meeting other feminine women to date? You’re not alone. “Anne” from San Diego has the same struggle and listen as I give her advice on how she can find other Femme women to date….

We have a question here from Anne, and she resides in San Diego. And she says, “I’m very Femme and I like other Femme women, but I don’t seem to find any. Any advice on how I might be able to find other Femmes?” [music]

So this is a common question that I get and I think there is some frustration in the community when there are women that are attracted to very feminine women.

Oftentimes, in our community they are hard to find and I will hear from clients how they tend to be attracted to straight women because they’re really feminine women and then they get themselves into a problem with that…

SO, I would say, one way to meet other Femme women is probably to consider starting a group, maybe a Meet Up that, ya know that is specifically for High Femmes. Or feminine women, some kind of activity that you can all do together, aside from maybe putting up a post or an event on MeetUp, or Craigslist…

You may also want to consider completely a confidential profile in the Little Gay Book Database.
I’m a matchmaker, and I work with clients who often are looking for feminine partners….

So, I encourage you to fill that out [create a profile] because you want to put yourself out there and not put all your eggs in one basket.
So try to get yourself out there, by utilizing all different opportunities to get exposure and meet new people.

Many people come to me for matchmaking when they are really clear about the type of women that they want to meet.
And some women, like yourself, are very clear about being feminine and wanting to be with another feminine woman. And are having trouble finding that.

So, I encourage them to get in my database, consider working with me and I actually do the legwork and I search to screen people that MEET what you’re looking for. That meet the criteria that you’re looking for….

That’s ONE WAY to kind of, make it a bit easier to meet people that you would be interested in dating.

Good luck to you. [music]

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