Episode title: Julie Ferman on Love, Legacy, and the Long Game

Love, Laughs & Lessons
Episode 22
Julie Ferman

Description: Today, we are thrilled to share a special episode featuring the legendary Julie Ferman, a trailblazer in the matchmaking and dating industry since 1990. With over 1,300 success stories and a rich history of transforming dating experiences, Julie brings her extensive expertise and a treasure trove of heartfelt stories. As the host of The Cupid’s Coach Podcast and a dynamic speaker at international conferences, Julie’s engaging approach offers real-life examples and actionable advice for singles navigating the complex world of dating. In this episode, Julie shares her personal journey and professional insights, offering courage and compassion to those looking for love. Whether you’re diving back into dating or seeking to refine your relationship skills, Julie’s wisdom is invaluable.

Julie Ferman is a professional matchmaker and dating coach renowned for her influential role in over 1,300 romantic success stories. Since beginning her matchmaking journey in 1990, Julie has become a celebrated figure in the dating industry, known for her engaging, educational presence and practical, compassionate advice. She hosts The Cupid’s Coach Podcast and has organized over 500 singles events, providing a wealth of knowledge to both professionals and daters worldwide. Julie’s own love story began with a proactive search that led her to marry the owner of a dating agency, turning her personal quest into a lifelong passion for helping others find love. Julie offers consultations globally via Zoom and continues to shape the dating scene with her transformative insights and spirited approach to finding love.

For more on Julie Ferman, visit her website at http://www.JulieFerman.com or listen to The Cupid’s Coach Podcast on iTunes.

In 2022 Dr. Frankie presented a TedX talk focusing on the topic of sexual fluidity. You can view it here: https://youtu.be/mIjAqACtCLg

Her latest venture is as CEO & Founder of LittleBlackBookMatchmaking.com, specializing in personalized matchmaking and singles events for heterosexual singles.

Dr. Frankie’s coaching is based in Northern California, but clients can access her services via Zoom from around the globe. To learn more about working with Dr. Frankie 1:1: please visit this URL: https://littlegaybook.com/coaching/

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