Crafting Lasting Connections

Welcome to the second episode of the Love Laughs & Lessons series, where co-hosts Denise Rai and Dr. Frankie Bashan continue their journey to decode the intricate world of love and relationships. We are thrilled to introduce our distinguished guest, Jaida Pervis, the CEO of Flirting with Forever.
Jaida Pervis, a Certified Matchmaker and Relationship Expert with over a decade of experience, is renowned for her extraordinary ability to cultivate enduring, harmonious relationships. Her professional advice has been sought after and featured in esteemed publications such as Good Day D.C., Cosmopolitan, UpJourney, Yahoo News, Voyage Denver, and many more.
In this episode, Jaida shares the secrets to creating connections that are not only meaningful but also enduring. While she specializes in fostering connections within the BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) community, her expertise is boundless, with a welcoming approach that doesn’t discriminate. Whether you’re an experienced matchmaker, someone searching for love, or just a curious soul, this discussion offers invaluable insights that can transform your perspective on love.
Join us as we dive into the art of crafting beautiful, long-lasting relationships. And don’t forget, we regularly share captivating video clips on our social media platforms, providing you with an exclusive glimpse behind the scenes.

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