At the Heart of It All

In this episode of Love Laughs and Lessons, join us as we dive deep into the art of matchmaking with Tammy Shaklee, a leading LGBTQ Relationship Expert and the President of H4M Matchmaking. Tammy’s expertise in LGBTQ matchmaking has successfully brought together thousands of clients seeking long-term, committed relationships. With a background in broadcast journalism, Tammy’s keen instincts and same-sex proprietary methodology form the bedrock for identifying true compatibility.

Discover the challenges faced by singles in their quest for the perfect partner and how Tammy’s own journey, meeting her husband through a matchmaking service, inspires her work. Get valuable insights into traditional introductions and dating for LGBTQ singles who aspire to achieve relationship success that matches their professional accomplishments.
Join us as we explore the intersection of love, laughs, and lessons with Tammy Shaklee, an LGBTQ ally and advocate, in this enlightening episode. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain relationship insights that can empower your next move in life.

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