Ask Dr. Frankie: How Do I Meet A Smart, Femme, Feminist Lesbian?

Marlene in upstate New York writes: “I’m a feminine woman in my forties living in upstate New York and I’m having trouble meeting a feminist women who is educated, sweet, not into games and creative. I’m a great catch have lots of love to give and I’m feeling very discouraged. What do suggest I do?

As a matchmaker, I’m keenly aware it’s hard to meet quality women. Every day, I’m searching for them for my clients.
Listen to the advice I give Marlene on how she might find a woman with these very specific attributes…

[Partial Transcript]
Well, Marlene…
Speaking from a Matchmaker’s mouth, I can tell you that you’re describing somebody who’s a quality person that you want to meet, that has similar similar interests, that’s sweet, that’s educated, that’s feminist. You’re looking for something specific. You’re looking for somebody who is a feminist. So, I would say, try to get on some online groups that draw feminist women participate in those groups… maybe go to a MeetUp events in your area
where feminist women are convening… I would try to get out there and try to network with women who have similar interests to you

In general, I can tell you as a Matchmaker, it’s hard to meet
quality women, right I’m searching all the time for women for my clients and my clients are really specific in what they’re looking for so I’d say get out there try to meet as many people as possible
let your friends know that you’re single and you’re looking to meet somebody with these qualities and…. I think it’s just going to take time, so to be realistic and it’s gonna take some time and channel your energy and focus in meeting somebody… and create space in your life for it…. and eventually, it will happen.

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