Transgendered Considering Transitioning

Dear Dr. Frankie,

I’m transgendered, M2F, I have not started to transition. I am not quite sure how to begin. Can you help?

-Considering Transitioning

Hello Considering Transitioning,

I would start off by doing your research.  That includes searching for information about the medical procedure, attending transgender support groups, researching Dr.’s that perform the operation, and learning about all the steps in between (insurance coverage, etc..).  Taking hormone pills can be a major first step to begin the transition process.  In the mean time, I would work towards dressing as a woman “full time” to become even more comfortable in that role (if you are not already).  Another early step is to do hair removal.

After finding a Dr. that I felt comfortable with I would consult about hormone pills, stages of the procedure, and what you may need to complete before doing so (therapy, etc…).  In the United States before having the procedure, Dr’s will have you attend therapy sessions before beginning the transitioning process.  I strongly recommend attending a transitioning support group to learn what to expect and get additional support from those going through the same process.  That is a very exciting stage to be looking into, so I would say start doing your research, get into a transgender support group, and look at your options for Dr.’s to find the right fit.

Here are some transgender groups to look into and websites that could start the research: IFGE, GEA and GenderPAC  www.tsroadmap.com/index.html www.transgendercare.com

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