My gratitude towards Dr. Frankie is immense. She didn’t just make a match; she offered continuous support and advice to nurture this blossoming relationship.

After a 25-year marriage, losing my wife to breast cancer plunged me into a three-year spell of loneliness. It was during this time I stumbled upon Dr. Frankie, who became my beacon of hope in finding companionship again. On the third attempt, she connected me with someone extraordinary, proving that third time’s indeed the charm. Working with Dr. Frankie felt like a breath of fresh air. Her professionalism and meticulous attention to understanding my needs highlighted her commitment to finding the perfect match for me. Today, I find myself in a loving relationship that has rekindled my zest for life. We share a love for travel, culture, and the joy of hosting friends, reigniting a part of my life I deeply missed. Initially, the cost of Dr. Frankie’s services was a bit of a shock. However, the investment has paid dividends in happiness. Although I hoped for a match in Philadelphia, my connections led me to New York and finally to Washington DC. Despite the distance, love has found a way to thrive. It’s been four years since my loss, and the happiness I’ve discovered in this new chapter was once unimaginable. This relationship, while different, has been enriching and profoundly satisfying. Seeing the joy it brings to my family and friends after such a long period of sorrow has been heartwarming.

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