Testimonial 43: Laura

I have discovered that life does not always give you what you think you want, but it often brings you exactly what you need in order to grow. This is how I can sum up my experience with Dr. Frankie. Although I did not find a match, I was introduced to some really nice women and more importantly, I learned some important things about myself and the best kind of woman to seek. The greatest gift that I received from this experience was being able to share my heart with Dr. Frankie and feeling “heard”. Dr. Frankie has an excellent understanding of the lesbian community and I get the impression that she soaks in the lessons that her clients bring to her. She is an old soul with a keen intuition and endless optimism. I walked away from this experience with a better understanding of myself and my life journey. Isn’t that what we all really want in life?-Laura, Researcher 

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