Testimonial 39: Angela

About a year ago I decided to actively pursue a change in my love life.  I became a client of Dr. Frankie’s Matchmaking service.  After my first few dates I realized that I was going to need more help.  Dating was harder than I remembered!  It seemed that there were more rules and expectations than when I was younger, and, even though I was sitting in front of potential matches, there was still something missing.  Dating and relationship coaching helps.  Dr. Frankie is very straightforward, telling me the things I did correctly and where my dating etiquette needs improvement.  Advice on outfits, restaurants, wine, conversation starters and body language gives me the confidence to face each date assuredly, and her homework assignments keep me on top of my game.  A recent study suggested that it takes 17 first dates to meet a mate. Without coaching, I would have given up a long time ago.  But now I am confident that my mate is out there, and when we meet, we will have a wonderful date.- Angela, Teacher 

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