Testimonial 3: Connie

I met Dr. Frankie on a Sweet vacation in Cozumel. She was the singles guru on the trip. After the first breakfast we had together with all of the singles, we were all fast friends. Dr. Frankie spent a lot of time cultivating those friendships. I personally was fortunate enough to spend some time with her talking about relationships and her views. Dr. Frankie shared some of her personal viewpoints/experiences which you don’t find in someone in her field. She was real, genuine, a ton of fun and truly an expert at what she does. She made a lasting impression on me because of her kindness and really made me believe that “she is out there” just waiting for me. What I was most impressed with was her ability to make everyone feel welcome and I really believe that it was a genuine interest in us as a group and what she could do to make sure we all had a fabulous vacation (which we did, by the way). Much love to Dr. Frankie! —Connie, Vice President

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