Reading and listening to all your glowing testimonials on your website made me skeptical- here’s another overblown pitch for something far too many people long for…love.  Are there so many of us desperately seeking love and companionship that we are willing to pay a fair amount to streamline the process? We know it’s a process but some of us are privileged enough to streamline it.  Will it be successful? Success is relative and anyone who sits down with you for over an hour will leave feeling the dark clouds of lesbian-doom lifting.  And let’s take it a step farther- lesbian love.  The absolute debacle we single lesbians face each time we go to a night club is staggering. Meeting with you today gave me sense of calm.  Your natural charisma would make anyone feel comfortable and able to open up about their truest desires and challenges. Seeing pictures of your family, your bright smile as you listen, and your basic eagerness to bring people together, all make my landscape that much brighter.  Thank you. -Kristy, Pharmaceuticals

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