Tanishia J

Meeting and connecting with you has been nothing short of a blessing and life-changing. Our sessions have been beneficial to me throughout my day to day routine which is beyond incredible. The growth that I am currently experiencing is just amazing. There is just something about you – a good heart, a sense of genuine compassion for another person from every fiber of your being. You have such compassion for people that is just out of this world. You connect with people in such a unique way. Despite being in different time zones and many miles apart I have always felt like I have just walked into your office and sat on a chair across from you. You have been nothing but present, patient, and attentive. You have such a gift that I automatically feel safe and like I am not alone. There is literally nothing that I cannot tell you. I will honestly say that there is just something different about you and I am yet to meet someone quite like yourself.

I had been closed off for nearly five years, yet I wanted to tell you all of my thoughts and would even write things down throughout the week to tell. Sometimes an hour did not feel like enough time. NEVER have I met someone that I am able to be my complete self in every way and being accepted with no judgment. You have an understanding and accepting heart and mind. Thank you for allowing yourself to be vulnerable. I have never felt like I am in the middle of a session, but rather on a call with a friend where we can talk about our day. Sharing personal information can be risky, so it is respected and appreciated. I am yet to meet someone that is as humble and understanding, and yet a good listener with a surreal level of intelligence and knowledge at the same time. You have inspired me as a person, a woman, an entrepreneur, and so much more. You have shown me that being vulnerable and letting others in does not make you weak. You truly are an incredible person and a special human being.

Tanishia J
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