Sarah, Small Business Owner

I cannot recommend Dr. Frankie highly enough if you are looking for a dating coach and matchmaker who truly understands you, your needs, and your goals. She will help you not only achieve those, but will exceed all expectations you may have of a dating coach.

I came across Dr. Frankie’s website a few months ago when I was ready to meet women again, after a difficult break up. I had lost confidence in myself and was at a loss as to know how to start dating again, and how I could do things differently the next time around. Immediately in my first coaching session with Dr. Frankie, she put me at ease combining her knowledge and years of experience working as a clinical psychologist and therapist, with warmth, compassion, humanity and extraordinary insight.

I have been having coaching with Dr. Frankie for the past five months. In that time, she has helped me grow immeasurably, and has guided me through dating again, and now the early stages of a new relationship. Her insights, observations and wise counsel are invaluable.

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