Roxanna, Psychiatrist

As a therapist and psychiatrist I thought I had things all figured out. Well, I was wrong.  I found Dr Frankie when I was ailing from a broken heart. Opening up my heart again was a frightening thought. I was drawn to Dr Frankie’s profile mostly due to her clinical psychologist background. I was confident she could see into my psyche better than a regular matchmaker. I was especially interested in learning not to see what I wanted to see in the other person, but also at becoming better at identifying red flags.

I consulted Dr. Frankie for relationship coaching and matchmaking services.  I met with her for a few months and soon realized that she helped me navigate the dating scene as well as helped me heal. I found her to be very compassionate and present, sharp and witty, an empathetic listener and above all she was able to pick up on my subtle hidden patterns, my unconscious defenses , and my avoidance behaviors.  Dr. Frankie saw through what I wanted her to see, and helped me figure out what I’m really looking for in a relationship. She has a delicate yet firm way of pushing me beyond my comfort zone. I feel I’m one step closer to finding that special person. Thanks Dr. Frankie for being an amazing coach and for helping me heal.

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