Lori Ann, Pediatric/Geriatric Occupational Therapist

I just moved to the Bay Area after a break up that left me feeling like, okay so, “where do I go from here?” I felt like I had at last met the “right” woman, buuuuut… not so much. Fortunately for me though, I did meet Dr. Frankie and it holds true that for every bad situation, there is something or someone great that can assist you in gaining a better perspective of life and yourself.

I am grateful that I was blessed to meet Dr. Frankie at that time in my life. She helped me to realize what my patterns are and why I continued to gravitate toward certain women. My first meeting with her left me thinking/feeling that I am so in the right place. Dr. Frankie is warm and completely upfront. Her honesty and sweet demeanor are exactly what anyone could ever ask and hope for in a therapist and coach. It was always easy to share with Dr. Frankie as she consistently and naturally creates a safe and welcoming environment. I never felt the need to filter any thoughts and I could say anything to her. Dr. Frankie is completely non-judgmental. She is very compassionate and utilizes her knowledge in that she consistently gives you the tools you need to be mindful of your behaviors and behaviors from others that are not honoring to you.

I feel that Dr. Frankie is right where she should be, professionally and in spirit. She is incredibly intuitive and has a quick sense of gathering who you are as a person. She is a natural at what she does and is amazing at what she provides for others. My spirit feels so much lighter and more free. Thank You, Dr. Frankie.

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