Laura McGrath – St. Louis

Dr. Frankie’s dating & relationship coaching was a game-changer for me.

What’s so effective about Dr. Frankie is that she’s a no BS kinda gal. She told me the harsh truth about myself!! Point blank. No sugar coating. Sometimes it was hard to hear, but that’s why I wanted to work with her; to be better at dating and relationships. Her eyes definitely bulged at times listening to my sad tales, and immediately called me out on my $hit!! It was hilarious. The humor eased the pain of hearing the truth about myself LOL

The critical elements to being successful in working with Dr. Frankie are acknowledgment about oneself, openness to hear constructive feedback and willingness to do things differently the next time around.

After so many failed relationships and dating disasters, I took a hard look at myself and acknowledged my contributions to each and every scenario. I wasn’t dating anyone at the time of the coaching, but I wanted to set the stage for the future life I know I want. Several months after the coaching when opportunities in the romance department came up, I wasn’t slipping back into old patterns and was making the connections I so desperately wanted.

Live your best life… if your romantic life isn’t what you want, do something about it. I’m grateful for making the investment in myself by working with Dr. Frankie. THANK YOU

Laura McGrath - St. Louis
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