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    I want my girlfriend to dress up for me sometimes

    Dear Dr. Frankie,

    I want my girlfriend to dress up for me sometimes, it seems as if we’re in a place where she is comfortable and doesn’t try to impress me. I want the old girlfriend back who always looked hot for me and tried to impress me.

    -Stuck in Boring Land

    Dear Stuck in Boring Land,

    It’s hard to know if your relationship is stuck in complacency or if there’s more going on. Sometimes people’s outward appearance reflect more than what’s on the surface. Is the relationship stagnant? Maybe you guys need a jumpstart? I recommend you buy an outfit for your girlfriend that you’d like to see her wear. Maybe she’s limited on imagination or motivation or maybe she doesn’t think you care whether she dresses up or not. Buy a great outfit that’s her style so she’ll feel comfortable enough to wear it. Take her to a great dinner or show or something she’d be excited about. Maybe this will open things up a bit and maybe both of you can talk about why she’s not putting forth the effort she once did.

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