Love at First Sight

Dear Dr. Frankie,

Is love at first sight possible? I feel like that has happened to me recently, so far everything is going well with the woman I’m dating. We felt the same way the moment we saw one another. However, none of my friends believe me and one friend in particular calls it “lust at first sight.” Do you think it’s real, if it’s not–what is it?

Dear Slightly Confused,

I’m a realist with a healthy dose of optimism so with slight skepticism I will say that nothing is outside the realm of possibility. What you experience as love at first sight your friend might experience as lust at first sight. Where we should probably start is by asking ourselves what is love, or perhaps what isn’t love? Is love a fluttering of your stomach so intense it seems as though you no longer need food as sustenance? Is love the inability to sleep because your mind is consumed with thoughts of her? Is love the desire to spend every waking moment in each other’s presence? Or does love run deeper? Is it an emotion or better yet, a force that unites two people on spiritual, emotional and physical levels? And if you believe love is the latter, then is it possible to achieve that at first sight?

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