Therapy Lesbian bed death
is not inevitable.

Mismatched or low or no sex drive. Challenges with orgasms no matter how enthusiastically you try to have them. Sexual anxiety. Relationship trauma. Feeling shy. Feeling stuck.

Sexual pleasure is one of the most dynamic forces on the planet. It’s part of how we move through the world, relate to each other, and express ourselves. It can be one of the best parts of being alive – and when there are sexual issues to work through, it can feel like one of the most challenging.

But there’s no such thing as normal when it comes to sexuality. Every time we come together, we bring all sorts of baggage with us – from past relationships, from current ones, from everything we’ve ever internalized about sexuality or gender or sexual orientation or our own sexual responses.

I can help you unpack. My approach to sex therapy focuses on short-term goals with long-term potential. Together, we’ll build a safe container for talking about your sexual concerns. We’ll break down some of what’s going on and create a space for understanding. And unlike talk or other forms of therapy, we’ll work to set concrete goals and plans so you can live the sex life of which you’ve always dreamed.

We all have the intrinsic ability to reach our full sexual potential.
Get in touch to discover yours.

New clients can opt for an introductory session before committing to the remaining five sessions. I’m confident that if we’re a fit, you’ll discover the potential to turn your dating life or your relationship around. The rest is up to you.

All coaching sessions are currently via phone, Zoom, or Google Meet.

I am a board-certified sex therapist and additionally, a clinical psychologist with over two decades of experience providing individual therapy, LGBTQIA+ couples counseling, and dating coaching. I specialize in helping you identify your obstacles, offering healthy strategies to manage them, and guiding you towards effecting positive change.