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An Introduction to Queer & Dear

Queer relationships come in all shapes, sizes, frequencies and types. While our couplings are creative, our relationship struggles are not. We all struggle with the complexities of dating, yearn for the feeling of being loved and suffer when our hearts break.

Dr. Frankie talks Bisexuality with Moushumi Ghose

Continuing our exploration of bisexuality, today’s guest is author and MFT sex therapist, Moushumi Ghose, owner of Los Angeles Sex Therapy and a proud bisexual. With bisexuality and bi-visibility such a charged topic, I wanted my listeners to hear from a variety of bisexual women and Mou is particularly articulate when discussing bi-visibility in how it’s portrayed in the media, how it shows up in heteronormative & monogamous relationships vs…

Dr. Frankie speaks with Dr. Carole McKindley-Alvarez about domestic violence

Domestic Violence in heterosexual versus LGBT relationships: An in depth discussion about the definition of Domestic Violence, how to identify when one is in a DV relationship, the psychological impact of a DV relationship, and resources for further support and help.


This weeks show topic is Polyamory. Dr. Frankie and Amanda discuss polyamory and touch on the definition of polyamory and how it differs from an open relationship. Amanda shared some of her experience of being in a polyamorous relationship for five years and discussed some considerations one should make before engaging in a polyamorous relationship. Helpful recommendations for supportive resources were also discussed.

When You Don’t Look Gay: Femme Lesbian Invisibility with Dr. Frankie & Rachel Gill

Dr. Frankie and Rachel Gill reflect on the frustration of not being seen or welcomed into the lesbian community because of their feminine appearance. Often excluded because of their look, Frankie and Rachel were advised they “should look more gay,” if they wanted to attract dates. Listen as Frankie and Rachel share their struggle with “fitting in” to a lesbian culture and how, by choosing their

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