We Bring Lesbian/Bi/Trans Singles Together

As Matchmakers and Event Hosts for the only exclusively Lesbian/Bi/Trans matchmaking agency in the US, we work hard to bring singles together. We are a warm and welcoming bunch and we're always striving to ensure you have a stellar experience. Find out more about each of us below.

Dr. Frankie Bashan

Founder / CEO / Principal Matchmaker

Dr. Frankie Bashan is a psychologist, matchmaker, sex therapist, and overall relationship guru who has been using her clinical background in conjunction with technology and personalized algorithms to play matchmaker nationwide. She believes that EVERYONE can have the righteous, passionate love they deserve. As an expert guest for a variety of publications, podcasts and videos, Dr. Frankie strives to introduce her clients to quality matches that make their hearts flutter. She knows first-hand the struggles of queer singles and she wants them to find THE ONE in any way possible - Speed Dating Events, Full Service Matchmaking, Training Programs, or with her Dating Coaching help. Read more >>

Denise Rai

Client Services Director

Denise Rai is a seasoned matchmaker and love coach who has been helping individuals find true love and build fulfilling relationships for over a decade. Denise approaches matchmaking and coaching from a holistic perspective, taking into account not just her client's preferences and goals, but also their personalities, values, and life experiences.

Denise is known for her warm, compassionate, and intuitive approach to matchmaking and coaching. She takes the time to get to know each of her clients on a personal level, understanding their unique needs and desires, and tailoring her services to meet their individual needs.

As a love coach, Denise offers personalized coaching sessions that focus on helping clients build self-confidence, develop healthy communication skills, and cultivate a positive mindset for love and relationships. She believes that true love starts with self-love, and works closely with clients to help them overcome limiting beliefs and emotional blocks that may be holding them back from finding love.

Denise's approach to matchmaking is also highly personalized, with a focus on quality over quantity. She carefully screens and matches potential partners based on her clients' preferences and criteria, and provides ongoing support and guidance throughout the dating process.

Denise's ultimate goal is to help her clients find lasting love and build strong, healthy relationships that bring joy, fulfillment, and happiness to their lives. Her passion for matchmaking and coaching is evident in every aspect of her work, and she is committed to making a positive difference in the lives of those she works with.

Iris Tiska

Event Coordinator

You can find Iris in our Zoom room as well as creating in-person events for Little Gay Book! Iris has a passion for fostering connections and creating safe, authentic and fun spaces for her Queer Community to thrive. Iris has produced, consulted and founded Queer events in the Bay Area for over 15 years.


In-House Love Ambassador

Meet Metuka, the fluffiest, most adorable member of the Little Gay Book team. But don’t let her cute exterior fool you; she’s got a serious job around here! Metuka is our in-house love ambassador, bringing people together with her charm, wit, and a keen sense for romance.

With her “PhD in Cuddle-ology” and expertise in "Pawsitive Vibes," Metuka is more than just Dr. Frankie’s sidekick—she's the heartbeat of our matchmaking magic. Whether she’s breaking the ice with her playful antics or offering a comforting paw to hold, Metuka knows that love is a four-legged word.

Behind those soulful eyes and beneath that fluffy exterior is a skilled wing-dog. Metuka’s got an uncanny ability to sniff out the perfect match, proving time and again that the best connections come with a little fur-love.

And when the day’s work is done? You’ll find her sunbathing, dreaming of snack heists (our little secret!), and plotting new ways to spread happiness.

Sara Jane

Online Event Host

You can catch Sara Jane in our Zoom Room where she creates a warm and welcoming space where individuals can have fun, make connections, and build meaningful relationships. Sara Jane's life-long mission has been to create beautiful spaces for our Queer Community to meet. Before joining the Little Gay Book family she produced events for prominent LGBTQ organizations including Curve Magazine, Frameline Film Festival, Sweet Travel, and the Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders.

Shelley Simpson

San Diego & Online Event Host

Shelley Simpson is a marketing dynamo by day, serving as the CEO of Small & Mighty Marketing, a boutique agency renowned for its social media wizardry and web magic. Beyond her thriving career, Shelley's passions encompass biking, aerial arts instruction, canine companionship, coffee sipping, and thrift store treasure hunting. However, it's her role as a matchmaker for queer women that truly defines her. As the pioneering host of Dr. Frankie's speed dating events, Shelley has united countless couples and even found her own lasting love in the process. With a playful, sassy, and smart spirit, Shelley embodies the art of both marketing and matchmaking.

Nikki Preston

Los Angeles Event Host

Outdoorsy, adventurous, and creative, Nikki spends her days working as a Radio Host. In her free time, Nikki enjoys hitting up the beach, going on hikes, exploring new places, and visiting other countries.

Nikki's favorite part about hosting is helping the LGBTQ+ community connect while getting to meet new people.


Bay Area Event Hosts

Becky is a positive, adventurous, and welcoming person who spends her days working in HR! In her spare time she loves to dance and travel.

She loves hosting for Little Gay Book because it brings her joy to bring people together in a place they can relax and laugh with others.

Ricki Anaya

Austin Event Host

She/They- Ricki is a mover and shaker in more ways than one. By day, she's an Austin, Texas Real Estate Broker wheeling and dealing in the property market. By night, she's tearing up the dance floor as a leader with the sensational Lux Mambo team.

But wait, there's more! Ricki is also the visionary founder of Queer Dance Austin, an electric community platform that celebrates the healing and connective power of dance. Plus, she's a fierce advocate for LGBTQ+ representation, serving on the board of directors for Drag Story Hour—a project turning the tide against LGBTQ+ erasure and amplifying the voice of diversity.

Want to keep up with Ricki? Follow her on Instagram @HomesbyRicki and @QueerDanceAustin.

The best part? Ricki's heart is on the market! A firm believer in the magic of face-to-face connections, Ricki is all in on the power of events like these to help us put down our phones and pick up meaningful, lasting relationships. So come on down, get out of your comfort zone, and let Ricki guide you through an evening of potential love matches and endless fun!

Lisa Iancin "LI"

New York & New Jersey Event Host

Lisa, affectionately known as LI, isn't your run-of-the-mill real estate professional. She's a trailblazer who embarked on a journey to forge deeper connections within the LGBTQ community. Her decision to join forces with Little Gay Book as an event host was driven by an unquenchable thirst for networking, forging new connections, and crafting memorable experiences.

Unforgettable Event Experience: One of the standout moments in LI's event-hosting journey was the creation of the "QTown After Party" – a unique fusion of celebration and queer networking. LI took the stage to facilitate introductions, and a radiant smile graced her face as she witnessed these interactions evolving into valuable business connections. It was during this event that LI realized she was contributing to something greater than herself, fostering profound connections within our community.

Life Beyond Event Hosting: Outside of the event-hosting world, Lisa (LI) finds solace and exhilaration in the world of surfing. Riding the waves allows her to unwind, recharge, and strike the perfect balance with the energy and excitement of event planning.

Talisha Herald

Seattle Event Host

Talisha from Seattle – your new go-to for a good time and the mastermind behind the curtain at our latest events. What sparked her decision to join Little Gay Book as an event host? Simple: She attended one of our events, had an absolute blast, and walked away with a bunch of new connections. She's all about the joy of meeting people face-to-face and is on a mission to make that happen for others in our lively community.

Talisha's highlight reel is filled with moments that brought a grin to her face, especially those that have expanded her queer circle in every direction. Professional networks? Check. New friendships? Check. Romantic connections? Double-check. "The more queers in my life the better!! 💕 Amiright or Amiright?"

When she’s not creating memorable evenings for us, Talisha is out soaking in live music, hitting the road on spontaneous trips, or playing the gracious hostess, cooking up a storm for friends and loved ones. And her business? Well, she's one of the lucky ones who calls her work her play. So, get ready for events sprinkled with Talisha's fun-loving spirit, where connections are waiting to happen, and every night is a chance to add more queers to your squad.

Victoria Amato

Las Vegas Event Host

Meet Victoria, a Molecular Biologist and a spirited explorer of life’s diverse tapestry. Beyond the precision of her scientific endeavors, Victoria immerses herself in a myriad of passions that intricately shape her extraordinary journey.

In the laboratory, Victoria deciphers the language of life at the molecular level, exploring different molecular pathways involved in stress response. Yet, her world expands far beyond the confines of petri dishes and pipettes. Off the clock, Victoria seeks solace in the great outdoors, particularly on the serene waters of her favorite kayaking spots. Recently, she explored her Italian roots and enjoys making homemade pasta and sauces. She also enjoys listening to country music and checking out local coffee shops on the weekends.

However, the most recent chapter in Victoria’s narrative is her venture into the world of event hosting. The catalyst? An inspiring online event she attended at Little Gay Book. Enchanted by the layout and the potential for genuine connections, Victoria envisioned bringing this experience to life in the vibrant city of Las Vegas.

Victoria is on a mission to create in-person spaces for connections to flourish within the LGBT community. In a world saturated with dating apps, she wanted to provide an alternative – an avenue for people to meet authentically, free from the swiping trap of dating apps.

As an event host, Victoria aims to bridge the gap between online interactions and real-life connections. Her events are not just about bringing people together; they’re about fostering genuine relationships.

Amanda Deltuvia

New Jersey Event Host

Amanda's journey to becoming an event host for Little Gay Book was sparked by her own transformative experience at one of our events. The deep desire for connection among queer women at the event was not just evident, but deeply moving. After witnessing how a simple gathering blossomed into an extended meet-up at a second location, Amanda knew she had to be a part of creating such meaningful experiences.

As a life coach, speaker, and psychic, Amanda is dedicated to empowering women to embrace their most authentic selves. She specializes in fostering deeper connections, whether it's strengthening bonds with current partners or preparing for future relationships.

Her events are crafted with care, ensuring a space where everyone feels safe, comfortable, and acknowledged, all while infusing the atmosphere with laughter and joy.

Beyond hosting, Amanda's life is a whirlwind of inspiring activities. She's an enthusiast of dining and socializing along the Jersey Shore, participating in yoga and fitness classes, indulging in self-care with her beloved cat Hector, and exploring her creativity through painting and writing. Her adventures often lead her to travel, especially across the European Union, constantly seeking new experiences to enrich her mind, body, and spirit.

Amanda's ultimate aspiration is to establish a haven along the Mediterranean Sea—a sanctuary dedicated to hosting retreats, seminars, and workshops for women, by women. This dream space will not only be a retreat but also a hub for co-living and learning, embodying her vision of female empowerment and community.

Montana Hooks

Oakland Event Host

Montana Hooks, the dynamic founder of Queer in Oakland, joins Little Gay Book with a rich background of over 15 years in event planning and a passion for fostering LGBTQ community connections. Her mantra? Love always wins, a belief that shines through in every gathering she hosts.

One of her most memorable feats was orchestrating the Little Gay Book's Fall Festival in Oakland. Here, Montana's flair for creating warm, inclusive events truly came to life, leaving attendees with smiles and cherished memories.

But there's more to Montana than just event hosting. Outside of her professional sphere, she's an avid karaoke enthusiast, an archery aficionado, and a connoisseur of modern horror movies. These eclectic interests add depth to her vibrant personality, making her a uniquely engaging host.

Montana's addition to our team means exciting, well-crafted events filled with joy and meaningful connections for the Little Gay Book community.

Lisha McKoy

New York Event Host

Meet Lisha, whose journey to hosting speed dating events was inspired by her amazing experience attending a Little Gay Book Event, is on a mission to craft events that lead to a whirlwind of fun, laughter, and maybe even a little bit of magic! With a gentle spirit and a genuine love for bringing people together, Lisha aspires to be more than just a host - she aspires to be a catalyst for meaningful connections, lasting relationships, and making a positive impact in the LGBTQ+ community.

Beyond her role as a host, Lisha is a true believer in the power of love and connection. Lisha is passionate about fostering face-to-face connections as a powerful alternative for those disenchanted by meaningless swiping on apps.

Outside of speed dating events, Lisha is a busy actor and real estate investor! And her love for creating memorable experiences extends beyond speed dating events. She is excited to draw on her success as a short-term rental host having managed multiple properties for over 9 years! When she’s not busy bringing characters to life as an actor, the most gratifying role of her life is proud Mom to an amazing and creative little songwriter and gymnast! In addition to playing matchmaker, investor, connector, and loving Mom, you can find her tearing up the dance floor to deep house music, playing pickleball, cooking in her Brooklyn kitchen, engaging in daily meditation and self-care, or exploring the next location for an exciting travel adventure!

Janine James

Oakland Event Host

Janine, our newest event host at Little Gay Book, merges love with the metaphysical. With a backstory featuring an epic wedding and a dance with Lady Gaga, she's all about creating memorable experiences. Janine's diverse interests include esthetician skills, devouring books across genres, and a knack for mocktail crafting. Her profound journey from a successful tech career to embracing her psychic and spiritual coaching gifts defines her. A certified Reiki Master with a rich psychic heritage, Janine's mission extends beyond events, aiming to uplift and connect deeply. Her life, a blend of spirituality and glamour, is a testament to her commitment to enriching lives, one event at a time.

Elaine Brady

Midwest Event Host

Elaine’s current life mission? Making the best of the Midwest. After growing up on a farm in Indiana, Elaine spent her time during and after college traveling around the country and the world, living in Spain, Florida, and Colorado. Now, as a Project, Portfolio, and Resource Manager, she has landed back in Ohio for the time being. As a Lesbian, Elaine understands first-hand how difficult it is to build connections in the Midwest and originally reached out to Little Gay Book for help of her own! Inspired by the mission and passion in her interactions with Little Gay Book, she is very excited to bring our events to her own neck of the woods (and hopefully find a woman for herself along the way)! When she’s not working or traveling, you can find her hanging out at home with her black cat, Poe, chowing down on some local or global cuisine, jamming to music, seeking an adventure, or working on her physical and mental health. Being a “hopeful romantic”, Elaine’s outgoing, inclusive personality, combined with her passion for community engagement, and her love for love, make her the perfect person to help you find your person!

Ann Castaneda

Executive Assistant

Ann is the quintessential executive assistant, seamlessly blending social media prowess, WordPress expertise, and marketing savvy into her daily routine. When she's not tackling digital challenges, she's cherishing precious moments with her three children, diving into self-help reads and indulging in the captivating world of Korean dramas.

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