We Bring Women Together

As Matchmakers and Event Hosts for the only exclusively lesbian/bisexual matchmaking agency in the US, we work hard to bring the women together. We are a warm and welcoming bunch and we're always striving to ensure you have a stellar experience. Find out more about each of us below.

Dr. Frankie Bashan

Founder / CEO / Principal Matchmaker

Dr. Frankie Bashan is a psychologist, matchmaker, sex therapist, and overall relationship guru who has been using her clinical background in conjunction with technology and personalized algorithms to play matchmaker nationwide. She believes that EVERY WOMAN can have the righteous, passionate love she deserves. As an expert guest for a variety of publications, podcasts and videos, Dr. Frankie strives to introduce her clients to quality matches that make their hearts flutter. She knows first-hand the struggles of queer women and she wants them to find THE ONE in any way possible - Speed Dating Events, Full Service Matchmaking, Training Programs, or with her Dating Coaching help. Read more >>

Shelley Simpson

VP, Digital Marketing & Operations

Working as Frankie's right hand woman since early 2012, Shelley makes sure the balls stay afloat. From marketing strategy to event minutiae, Shelley manages the LGB online presence, customer service, events, marketing and PR. She loves the LGB community and makes it her mission to inform all the queer women that there IS a woman out there will love them. Host of the San Diego events as well as the previous host of the Honolulu events, Shelley is intimately connected to the brand and knows there's something for every woman in LGB.

Sara Jane

Community & Event Manager

Sara Jane is the Event Manager working hard behind the scenes with the Little Gay Book team to help make sure all of our events go off without a hitch. A "professional lesbian" she has produced events for major LGBT organizations including Curve Magazine, Frameline Film Festival, Sweet Travel, and GLAD. She shares her big and beautiful life with her wife, their dog, a trio of cats, a flock of chickens and many, many plants on their urban homestead in Northern California.

Jen Costa

Boston Event Host

Graphic Designer by day, People Connector by night, Jen's been bringing the smiles to sold-out Boston events since April 2017. As the most seasoned LGB Event Host, Jen works hard to bring a variety of events to Boston women. Several of our most vocal video reviews are from Boston women.

Deborah Bradford

Houston Event Host

Deborah is a force. A gay/lesbian activist of impressive proportions, Deborah joined the team in June 2017 and has been an LGB advocate in Houston every since. She works tirelessly to give the women a quality event and make them feel welcome. Currently on hiatus, look for a future Houston event from Deborah in the spring of 2019.

Lisa “L.I.” Iancin

New York/New Jersey Event Host

L.I. is our New York City warrior! From hosting an event with over 90 women, to scrambling at the last minute to find a venue when she discovered (2 hours before the event started ), that our venue had closed for business, to expanding into the gay men's speed dating market, LI can do it all. Often hosting some of LGB's largest events, she's a pro at troubleshooting, seamlessly keeping spirits high and is always looking for ways to improve. Meet her at the next NYC

Marisa La Piana

Oakland/SF Event Host

An Oakland native, social worker by day, event host by night, Marisa is passionate about facilitating an inclusive, fun environment, conducive to building connections, community and even sparking romance. As a disabled person, Marisa cares about creating accessible events that are welcoming to queers of all genders, abilities, relationship styles and that are kink positive. Marisa believes in fostering an atmosphere of kindness, acceptance and fun in which people feel they can bring their full authentic selves.

Jen Roberton

Portland Event Host

A queer celebrity of Portland proportions, Jen joined LGB in April 2018 as a way to further expand her agenda of cultivating community by providing fun and socially exciting events via LESBIOUT, her successful Portland Meet Up. Her events generally always have a musical guest and she works hard to make sure all identifies feel welcome. Her Portland Lesbian/Bi events here.

Meg Bradley

Houston Event Host

There’s something pretty magical that happens when you make new friends or when you connect with someone so deeply and fall head over heels in love. Love and authentic connections make you feel alive, renewed, and like you just can’t wipe that giant smile off your face! Houston has a LOT to smile about - and Meg wants to pull you out of your comfort zone and into opportunities to meet other women who love women as much as you do! Meg is a smile expert — she’s a song-singing, relationship-cultivating dentist and she finds immense purpose in cultivating a culture of kindness, acceptance, inclusion, and authenticity.

Dr. Emily Stone

Austin Event Host

A little bit gypsy and a little bit machine, Dr. Emily Stone looks for gratitude, grace, and tenderness in everyday life adventures, details, and relationships. Fostering connection and building community has been the heartbeat of every role she has inhabited, whether that has been as a friend, a college professor or a therapist. From California to the Carolinas to the Czech Republic, Emily has lived all over the world and recently landed in Austin, Texas where she is thrilled to continue creating spaces where women of all ages can experience laughter, light, and love. Come meet and hang out with Emily at the next Austin event!

Nikki Preston

Los Angeles Event Host

Nikki is a radio/TV host in both Los Angeles and Riverside. Since her move to SoCal five years ago, she has become very involved in the LGBTQ community and is excited to play Cupid. Nothing is more beautiful than LOVE.

Cata Licious

Event Host

Passionate about my work, passionate about life. I'm a newcomer to LGBE--I started as as an enthusiastic participant. I think my enthusiasm was what prompted the invitation to become a part of something wonderfully unique. My goal is to bring the charm to each event...

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