No Children Allowed

Dear Dr. Frankie,

I’m 40 and am attracted to slightly femmey women but all the single ones seem to have children and I’m not down with that. Please tell me I don’t have to wait until their kids are grown! I’ve been looking for five years to no avail.

-No Children Allowed

Dear No Children Allowed,

You don’t have to wait for the children to be grown, but you may have to put yourself out there in a different way.  What is your primary means of meeting women?  Try to expand your social circle to meet a broader range of women.  Have you tried online dating?  The questionnaires are quite specific and you have an opportunity to clearly state you are seeking a child-free, feminine woman.   Another idea is to look into lesbian group retreats that are travel based (consider Sweet, an amazing lesbian, eco-tourism group that offers every type of adventure you can dream of).  You may be able to meet some women that don’t have children and can have that type of freedom.  Good Luck!

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