Meet Layla, Our New Washington DC Event Host!

Layla AlKhateebWashington DC – We’re back!

Meet Layla, our newest Washington DC event host

As you remember, our Washington DC Lesbian Events have been on hiatus since July 2018 due to our event host stepping down. We’ve been on the hunt ever since and we’re so glad we waited because Layla is awesome.

A spitfire who comes to us with so much energy and ideas about how to bring the women together, Layla is almost ready to start promoting her event. Just a few more confirmations on venue, date and time and we’ll announce it.

If you’re in the Washington DC area looking for lesbian/bi events where you can actually meet a real person, add yourself to our email list and be the first to know. Layla is aiming for a mid-late May event, so stay tuned.

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