Online Curated Mini-Dates

You Can Stop Swiping
and Still Find Your Love Match Are you tired of spending all your time in an app
and never actually connecting with someone
who could be your great love?

Online Curated Mini-Dates – Sunday, September 24th, 12-3 PM PT

Has Online Dating Exhausted You
In New Ways?

We’ve been hearing from a lot of folks that the lack of meaningful connection paired with a lack of touch has taken a lot out of them.

When we are alone that struggle can become highlighted. Making our need for connection feel even stronger.

Let’s face it, our love lives can be challenging to navigate even in the BEST of times.

Even before all of this, just FINDING the person – your person – that you have a spark and mutual attraction to has been tough for a lot of singles.

Online Curated Mini-Dates will help you save time and find that once-in-a-lifetime connection you have been craving.


Find Love Today!

I’m Dr. Frankie, a psychologist, sex therapist, relationship coach, and owner of Little Gay Book, a Lesbian Matchmaking Agency. Backed by my expert team of matchmakers who have been learning and guided by me for years, we are the powerhouse team of queer matchmaking.

With over 25,000 introductions over the last decade, our team has one of the highest matchmaking success rates in the industry. Our work has been featured on TV, Radio, and Print, nationwide. I am the Relationship Expert on MTV’s historic, 100% sexually fluid cast for Season 8 of “Are You The One.”

Featured expert on

Cosmopolitan, NPR, Curve Magazine, MTV, Glamour

Our current focus is to guide and support singles in navigating the new realities and uncertainties of dating post-COVID. We understand how the pandemic has completely transformed the dating landscape, and we’re here to help you cope with these changes. After MONTHS of isolation and self-reflection, we know that many of you have invested significant time in personal growth and are now genuinely prepared to find your perfect match.

But Now That You Are Ready, How Do You Find The One?

The great news is that we can help you save time and energy.

Ditch the apps and skip the swiping when we help hand-pick your dates to find the person you are magnetically drawn to.

Believe it or not, there are thousands of incredible singles eagerly waiting for the opportunity to connect with you in our Little Gay Book Matchmaking Database!

Our traditional matchmaking programs have been the key to countless successful matches. But we understand that our high-end matchmaking may not be a perfect fit for everyone. As much as we’d love to work with everyone, our capacity is limited, and we can only work with a select few at a time.

That’s Why We Created This Special Way To Work With Us.

A couple walks along the shoreline

Curated Mini-Dates is specifically designed for professional, successful, discriminating singles like you who are ready to find their life partner.

We can help you find your life partner…

  • Someone to fall deeply in love with whom you can trust with your heart.
  • Someone who loves you exactly as you are and adores all of you.
  • Someone to laugh with as you fall asleep and wake up snuggling with.
  • Someone to share every special moment and connect over all the highs and lows.
  • Someone who supports your dreams and aspirations, and cheers you on every step of the way.

You are ready to experience your match that leads to the deepest connection of two souls and mutual chemistry that lasts.

Find Love Today!

They DO Exist.

They might be harder to find because, like you, they have a beautiful, full, happy life.

But they too, are missing that person that speaks to their soul in ways no one else can.

They don’t get to spend much time with online dating and they don’t necessarily wear rainbows, so how would you even know about them?

We want to help you get connected to the person who lights your soul on fire.

I can honestly say I would NOT have met my girlfriend if it weren’t for Little Gay Book My girlfriend is younger than me and I probably would have dismissed her because of age if I had come across her on an online site. I arrived at Dr. Frankie’s door after several months of online dating and being set up by friends. Taking a leap of faith, I began working with Dr. Frankie hoping to meet women who were outside my typical “type,” (since that clearly wasn’t working) as well as women who were beyond my expansive lesbian network. As a bit of a control freak it wasn’t easy for me to put my love life in someone else’s hands, but I’m so glad I did. It’s not always easy to go out of your comfort zone, but it almost always pays off in one way or another. It’s been a pleasure and a lot of fun working with Dr. Frankie. I highly recommend her if you are looking for a deeper connection and are having a hard time finding it on your own.

Monica, Finance
Little Gay Book Mini Dates

Think of this as the “Most Eligible Singles” virtual party, where you get to go on Mini-Dates with fantastic singles that will be curated specifically for you based on your age, preferred type, 2 deal-breakers, and 2 must-have qualities of your choice.

We will take your preferences into consideration as we handpick singles to be vetted for you. This will help boost your chances of connecting with a serious match much more than the uncurated, more spontaneous experience of dating through one of the various apps or speeding dating.

We Also Work With Your Preferences
On The Butch/Femme

  • “Feminine with an edge”
  • “Sporty Lesbian”
  • “Lipstick Lesbian”
  • “Chapstick Lesbian”
  • “Soft Butch”
  • “Androgynous”
  • “Stone Butch”
Dr. Frankie Bashan in a floral dress

Straight People Don’t Know This Stuff…
And Never Will.

We understand the nuances.

Find Love Today!

There is a certain walk.
A certain look.
There are unseen degrees of outness
that need to be embraced and loved
for exactly where they are.

We create a space for you
to be loved as you are,

without apology or explanation.

I was dating and had gone the online route. It was great, I met a lot of really amazing women. But I was craving more of a connection. I was ready to do something completely different. There were moments where I thought “you are going to pay for a date, you are crazy!”. But clearly who I was choosing wasn’t working. I was ready to put it in someone else’s hands. The confidence in working with Little Gay Book provided a level of trust that was the only option for me.

Jill, Executive

The Online Curated Mini-Dates Experience Is Unlike Anything Else Available In The Country.
And It Will Completely Change Your Life.

This Process Will Give You Gifts For Many Parts Of Your Life.

We will find fabulous, relationship-ready singles that live in the closest metropolitan areas to you (if you live in an obscure area, the matches from these Mini-Dates will be well worth the drive or flight!).

You’ll meet 10 singles on Zoom, and will go on a 7-minute mini-date with each of them. 6 introductions will be curated for love sparks and 4 introductions will be for possible great new friends and/or serious career connections.

Zoom date

Curated Mini-Dates
Are Not To Be Confused With
Our Matchmaking Services.

A woman has a one-on-one meeting with Dr. Frankie Bashar

Curated Mini-Dates has you meeting several singles during one virtual event, allowing us to lower the cost for you. This is the closest thing to personalized Matchmaking services that we have ever offered. We can’t wait to start curating these Mini – Dates for you!

A woman laughs while typing on her laptop

A woman kissing a smiling woman's temple

A woman kissing a laughing woman's neck

Two women smiling cheek-to-cheek

Two women smiling

An older couple smiling at each other

Two women laughing with foreheads pressed together

I’ve just completed the on-line Curated Mini Dates Program and want to say how very impressed I am with the organization and supportive environment of this program.  Based on our one-on-one discussions of my preferences, it was obvious that a good deal of thought went into the 10 women she screened and selected for my mini dates. As a result, I made mutual connections with over half the women she selected specifically for me, either as friends or for a second date.

The opportunities presented in this program would probably have taken at least a year of searching random profiles and disappointing first dates via the dating websites out there. If you’re serious about seeking a compatible partner, and/or want to expand your social circle, Little Gay Book has the resources and expertise to greatly improve the likelihood of your success!

Kelly M.

Here’s How It Works:

Private compatibility consultation with Dr. Frankie Bashan

Private compatibility consultation

Once you register, we’ll email you to schedule your 60-minute Private Compatibility Consultation.

We’ll talk through your values, your relationship history, and your visions and preferences for long term partnership. If you’ve already had a compatibility consultation then we’ll review, refine, and update what you are looking for in a match. This session allows us to take the time to really get to know you and what you’re looking for in a relationship. We often get immediate ideas of singles we want to connect you with while we are talking!

Woman taking notes

1 hour Mini-Date Training and Q&A zoom call

Then, before the Curated Mini-Dates Event, We’ll host a 1-hour Zoom Mini-Date Training and Q&A call to help give you tips on how to charm the people you meet on your Mini-Dates. We’ll cover things like:

  • How to present yourself to increase your chances of matching
  • What to plan for and expect (in case you’ve never participated in this type of event)
  • You’ll get our best tips for Mini-Date success. We can present you with great singles, but how you behave and how you appear is going to determine if the singles you meet feel reciprocal
  • How to keep the conversation going and good questions to ask
  • How to pay attention to the pace of the date
  • How to express interest and flirt through Zoom

And don’t worry, if you can’t make it to the training live, it will be recorded for your convenience.

30-minute debrief session

Private 30-minute Mini-Dates Debrief Session

Then, after the Curated Mini-Dates Virtual event, you’ll be able to schedule a private 30-minute Mini-Dates Debrief Session. We’ll talk through your experience, and clarify and flush out behaviors to improve future dating experiences.

You’ll also learn how to best proceed with the folks you matched up with. We’ll talk through pacing, how quick to follow up (so you don’t look too eager or seem disinterested), and how to build off the Mini-Dates to turn them into “real” dates!

Working with Dr Frankie, there was a closeness where I really felt that she understood my identity, my background, where I might be coming from and what I might be looking for. There was a level of familiarity, closeness and understanding that I don’t think I would have found anywhere else. I felt she was someone who had my best interest at heart and really cared about me, which made the process feel unexpectedly naturally.


So, Just To Recap

The Curated Mini-Dates Experience Includes:


  • 60-Minute Private Compatibility Consultation To Share Your Values & Partner Preferences
  • 1-Hour Group Training + Q&A Session On Zoom To Prep For The Event
  • Access To The Curated Mini-Dates Event
  • 10 Introductions To Fabulous Singles Curated Specifically For You
  • An Invaluable Private Debrief Session Where You Can Tap Into Our 25+ Years Experience As A Psychologist, Sex Therapist, Relationship Coach And Lesbian Matchmakers To Talk Through Your Mini-Dates And The Next Steps With Turning The Mini-Date Matches Into Full Dates (and how to do it with grace).

To ensure a quality experience for everyone involved, this event is limited to the first 10 beautiful hearts that register.

The Investment Is $5,500. (save $500 if you pay in full)

Find Love Today!

But Wait, There’s More!


We want to make sure you have extra support in every way we can provide it. So in addition to the Full Curated Mini-Dates Experience, we’re also adding in an extra special bonus of 2 Free Months of Membership into the Little Gay Book Community. This is a singles group that is near and dear to our hearts, where we have an online forum for sharing experiences and weekly group zoom meetings for connection. You’ll receive membership access as soon as you register so that you have others to connect to before and after the Curated Mini-Dates Event. ($198 value)


You’ll also receive our Ebook on Dating Tips and the do’s and don’ts for making a great impression on your dates!

Find Love Today!

What are you waiting for? Come join us and find
your soul mate!

Online Curated Mini-Dates
Sunday, September 24th
12-3 PM PT

The Greatest Joy In Your Life Is Yet To Come
And We’re Ready To Make It Happen For You!

Click below to secure your spot to be one of the 10 fabulous singles at the “Most Eligible Singles” Virtual Curated Mini-Dates Event:


Option 1 Budget friendly

Curated Mini-Dates

2 monthly payments of $2750
  • 60-minute Private Compatibility Consultation
  • 1-Hour Zoom Mini-Date Training Class (Wednesday, September 20th, 5:30-6:30 PM PT)
  • Curated Mini-Dates Event Access (Sunday, September 24th, 12-3 PM PT)
  • 10 Introductions To Fabulous Singles Curated Just For You
  • 30-minute Private Debrief Session
  • BONUS 2 Months FREE Little Gay Book Community Membership
  • BONUS “Great Impression Dating Tips: Do’s & Don’ts” Ebook

Option 2 Best value!

Save $500

Curated Mini-Dates

One-time payment of $5000
  • 60-minute Private Compatibility Consultation
  • 1-Hour Zoom Mini-Date Training Class (Wednesday, September 20th, 5:30-6:30 PM PT)
  • Curated Mini-Dates Event Access (Sunday, September 24th, 12-3 PM PT)
  • 10 Introductions To Fabulous Singles Curated Just For You
  • 30-minute Private Debrief Session
  • BONUS 2 Months FREE Little Gay Book Community Membership
  • BONUS “Great Impression Dating Tips: Do’s & Don’ts” Ebook
  • $500 pay in full discount

Option 3 Best support


Curated Mini-Dates Upgrade

One-time payment of $6500
  • Everything in Option 2
  • 1 Full-Service Matchmaking Date
  • Video Recorded Date (optional)
  • 30-minute Date Debrief/Feedback

This is something we are SO thrilled to offer. In addition to everything in Option 2, this upgrade option will have us personally match and coordinate 1 Full-Service Matchmaking Date for you. You will have the option to have the date video recorded so that we can provide you with specific feedback on ways to take your dating skills to the next level. This is perfect if you struggle meeting that reciprocal special someone or evolving initial dates into relationships.


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