Wade Kyle

Cosmic Connections: Crafting Love Through the Stars

Join us for an engaging conversation with Wade Kyle, also known as the Magical Matchmaker, in this episode of “Love, Laughs, and Lessons.” Wade shares his journey from a small town to the vibrant LGBTQIA community of Pittsburgh, detailing how his early experiences shaped his unique approach to matchmaking. He discusses the delayed adolescent experiences faced by many in the gay community, the transformative power of moving to a more accepting environment, and the profound impact of finding one’s tribe. Wade also explains how he integrates astrology and divination into his practice, and the importance of community in fostering meaningful relationships. Tune in to hear about the intersection of the Gay Liberation Movement, disability advocacy, and human rights in Wade’s work, and how he creates deep, lasting connections for his clients.

Bio:Wade Kyle grew up in a small town near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where he faced the challenges of embracing his gay identity in a less accepting environment. At 18, he moved to the vibrant city of Pittsburgh, where he connected with an eclectic community of drag queens, punks, poets, performance artists, and mystics. Wade began his matchmaking journey while attending Point Park University, an LGBTQ-friendly art school, and graduated in 2013. His fascination with his ancestry linked to the Salem witch trials led him to devote the next three years to studying divination, astrology, and the occult, aiming to explore the depths of the human psyche.In 2016, Wade returned to matchmaking, moving to New York City, and in 2017 expanded his expertise and reach by combining his knowledge of matchmaking with esoteric studies. Wade focuses on creating profound connections within the LGBTQIA community. His matchmaking approach is deeply influenced by the principles of the Gay Liberation Movement, disability advocacy, intersectionality, and human rights, embodying his commitment to fostering queer joy and helping individuals find their ideal partners.


IG: Wade Kyle – LGBTQ+ Matchmaker 🏳️‍🌈 (@magicalmatchmaker) • Instagram photos and videos

Website: LGBTQIA+ Matchmaking Service | The Magical Matchmaker

July 11, 2024

43 Minutes

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