Dear Dr. Frankie,

I have been out of a long relationship for a year now, will I met someone who loves me and I them?

-Looking For Love

Dear Looking For Love,

Absolutely, I think using your past as an anchor for possibilities in the future is a great way to look at things.  That you’ve had a long term relationship proves that you can have another again. Imagine how much knowledge you’ve gained from your previous relationship that can now help you identify who you’re looking for and what you want. That you have been out of a relationship for a year says to me that you’ve had some time to heal from the past, to create a new clean slate for the next relationship to grow.  Being open to the possibilities, realizing self love by acknowledging what makes you great, and being confident that you can give and receive love, will help send the message to others that you are looking for a deeper level of fulfillment.  I would recommend writing what you specifically want in a partner and what you have to offer in a relationship, acknowledging your values will help you peg a partner that can share those same values, such as being mutually loved.

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