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    Little Gay Book FAQ’s

    I’m thinking of signing up for an online lesbian dating service, but then I heard of your lesbian matchmaking service. What’s the difference?

    Comparing personalized, professional matchmaking with online dating is simply not possible.

    Online dating can be a good way to casually date, but the bottom line is that there is no quality control.  People make up their profiles, use outdated photos and create an online image that may not be correct. Lesbian online dating is a time drain and there is no guarantee that even after the most thoughtful, cleverly crafted email that you will even receive a response.  Online dating is a numbers game and to succeed you must cast a very wide net and have luck on your side.

    On the other hand, my lesbian matchmaking team and I spend a great deal of time and energy getting to know our clients.  In order to become a client of LGB, you must complete a confidential profile, purchase a consultation, take part in a 90-minute interview about you and who are you wanting to meet, and then be available for introductions and further consults with the team as they personally vet potential dates on your behalf. My team and I handpick every client introduction and make sure they are connecting solid, grounded, quality people who share similar relationship goals.

    I completed my confidential profile, now what?

    Your profile will be stored in Dr. Frankie’s confidential database.  Dr. Frankie often consults this database to find quality, potential matches to introduce to her paying clients.  If you ask only to be added to her database as a possible match for a client, Dr. Frankie will possibly contact you when she is working with a compatible client. If you indicate you only wish to be included in her database as a possible match for a client, you may or may not be contacted by Dr. Frankie.  If you indicate in your profile that you are interested in becoming a matchmaking or coaching client, Dr. Frankie will make her best effort to contact you directly.  Because of the large volume of personal profiles submitted to Dr. Frankie’s database, she also encourages you to email or call her directly if you are interested in becoming a matchmaking or coaching client.

    I am interested in hiring Dr. Frankie for matchmaking, what do I need to do next?

    If you are interested in discussing matchmaking with Dr. Frankie please complete a confidential profile at littlegaybook.com. Once you’ve completed the full profile please email [email protected] or call Dr. Frankie at (415) 990-2929 to discuss further.

    Why does Dr. Frankie need so much information about me?

    In order to provide the best possible service and highest quality introductions to her clients, Dr. Frankie requires detailed information about everyone in the database.  All the information on the confidential profile you submit (age, race, occupation, religion, etc…) is relevant to the matchmaking process. Dr. Frankie asks every client about specific character traits, occupation, and physical characteristics of the mate she is looking for. All the information that Dr. Frankie obtains is maintained confidential and never shared without your permission.

    What does Dr. Frankie use my information for?

    All personal information is used only for matchmaking purposes.  Dr. Frankie uses your personal profile to get a full and accurate picture of your life experience, your future goals, and the type of partner you wish to find.  She will disclose general information you provided such as appearance, city of residence, profession, to her client to help them decide if they should move forward with an introduction.

    Dr. Frankie will never disclose your identity and specific personal information to her client until after she has conducted a consultation with you (whether in person, or via Skype), and obtained your permission to release this information to her client.  Before you agree to release your personal information to Dr. Frankie’s client, you will also have an opportunity to learn about her client.  There are no surprises in the matchmaking process.

    Dr. Frankie is based in Northern California, does that mean she doesn’t offer matchmaking services outside of that area?

    Little Gay Book is headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area, but to meet the demand for matchmaking services, we have expanded to other parts of the country. Currently, we offer matchmaking services in all 50 states of the US (yes, even Alaska and Hawaii).

    And before you wonder how many women are in our database in your particular city, ask yourself this one question: If you met the woman of your dreams tomorrow, would it truly matter what zip code she lived in? If you wanted to spend the rest of your life with her, would it really be that difficult to find a way to be together? Little Gay Book’s confidential database is world-wide and is full of amazing and accomplished women from all corners of the globe – And they don’t let zip codes get in the way.

    What is a matchmaking consultation?

    This is the initial meeting between a potential matchmaking client and Dr. Frankie or one of her consultants. This can also be the meeting that Dr. Frankie or her consultant has with a possible client introduction. Dr. Frankie prefers to hold consultations in person, however depending upon one’s location and other logistical considerations, it can be conducted via Skype.

    This meeting generally lasts about 90 minutes. During the meeting Dr. Frankie or her consultant will take the opportunity to learn all about you; including your personal interests, what you’re looking for in a partner, information about your previous relationships, information about your career, religion, political views etc. The meeting gives Dr. Frankie insight into who you are and what you’re looking for. It is also an opportunity to discuss how Little Gay Book professional matchmaking differs from a traditional lesbian dating service. If you’re interested in hiring Dr. Frankie for matchmaking, details about the process will be discussed in greater detail and the possibility of working together will be explored. If the consultation was scheduled to see if you and a client would enjoy meeting, that would be decided and steps would be taken to coordinate an introduction.

    Is there a fee for a matchmaking consultation?

    Yes. The consultation fee is $500. Purchase here.

    I am interested in Dr. Frankie’s coaching services but I do not live in the San Francisco Bay Area. How would it work?

    Dr. Frankie Bashan provides dating and relationship coaching for clients all over the United States via Skype.  Contact Dr. Frankie directly at [email protected], or 415.990.2929 or purchase an introductory dating coaching session here.

    What if I meet someone and am no longer available, can I delete my profile?

    Yes, although you can request your profile be deleted at any time, Dr. Frankie recommends that instead, you send her an email labeling it “inactive”.  She will make the appropriate notations on your profile.  The advantage is that if your relationship status changes in the future, you can simply “reactivate” your profile by sending her an email rather than complete the entire profile again.

    How do I know my personal information will be kept confidential?

    Dr. Frankie is a professional matchmaker and relationship coach, and has hand-picked and screened every employee. Dr. Frankie also requires every consultant to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement.  She prides herself on her professionalism and dedication to provide the highest possible service to her clients.  In order to do this, she must maintain the privacy of her clients and members of her database.  Many of her clients have high-profile careers which limit their ability to find love online or in more traditional ways.  Clients and members in the database can feel assured that Dr. Frankie holds herself and her employees to the highest ethical standards and treats their personal information with the utmost discretion.

    Can I sign up for individual coaching sessions?

    Because profound change and improvement in one’s quality of life does not happen overnight, Dr. Frankie offers coaching clients a 6 session contract.  This contract includes six 50 minute sessions that are scheduled weekly or bi-weekly depending on the client’s needs (unless other arrangements have been made).  Once this initial contract has been fulfilled Dr. Frankie and the client may discuss if additional coaching sessions would be helpful to the client.

    What is Dr. Frankie’s coaching fee?

    Introductory Session for new clients: $350. Purchase here.

    8 Week, 6 Session Package: $2,000.  Purchase here.

    All sessions are 50 minutes.

    I have questions about love, dating, and relationships; can I submit questions related to these topics to Ask Dr. Frankie?

    Absolutely!  Dr. Frankie is here to help.  She has a blog called “Dr. Frankie’s Love Seat” on Curve magazine’s website, as well as a whole section of the blog devoted to lesbian love advice questions.

    What’s Dr. Frankie’s success rate?

    Little Gay Book’s success rate is 80%. 80% of the couples we match are still together after 1 year. Success can be measured in many ways depending upon the clients with whom we are working.

    For some clients, it means being introduced to a greater number of interesting, smart, and accomplished women than they were able to meet on their own.  Some clients consider success to be improving their dating and social skills and connecting with other attractive, like-minded women.  Some clients want nothing less than a life-partner.  Dr. Frankie works tirelessly to provide every client with an enjoyable experience during which they expand their social circle, meet high-quality and desirable women, and enjoy themselves.  Dr. Frankie’s client retention-rate is very high. Read matchmaking testimonials here.

    What does Dr. Frankie guarantee?

    Dr. Frankie guarantees every client that she will work her hardest to provide them with a memorable, enjoyable experience that will enrich their lives. Humans are complex, often complicated beings and it is simply impossible to guarantee a romantic connection.

    Why choose Little Gay Book over other matchmakers who appear to offer the same service?

    Matchmaking is a very personal experience.  It’s imperative to have a good connection with the matchmaker you select.  If it’s difficult for you to connect with a potential matchmaker then most likely it’s difficult for others to connect with her.  Look for a matchmaker who is active in the community, attends functions, and has a wide social network.  Inquire about the potential matchmaker’s reputation.  Have any of your friends or friends of friends worked with this matchmaker before?  What was their experience like?  Be sure to find out what age-range the matchmaker specializes in.

    Does Dr. Frankie offer references from previous clients who have worked with her in a matchmaking or coaching capacity?

    In order to maintain the confidentiality of Little Gay Book clients, Dr. Frankie does not provide references from previous clients. However, you can see an interview with an actual couple that I matched here as well as a ton of matchmaking testimonials here.

    Do you still have a question that hasn’t been answered?

    Dr. Frankie is always looking to add additional questions/answers to her FAQ section. Please use our contact form with any questions you may have that haven’t already been addressed in the FAQ section. We’d love to hear from you.