Lesbian/Bi Speed Dating Video Testimonial: “It was really fun!”

Julie attended our Lesbian/Bi Single Mingle in Oakland. Her situation is unique in that she is coming OUT at age 45

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Transcript: “Tonight’s event is great! I was a LITTLE nervous before I came because I’ve never done anything like this before… it was speed dating, mingling…Fast flirting! My situation is unique because I am coming out at 45 and I heard about this from women in my group, coming out at 45 people coming out of straight marriage later in life and what was remarkable for me, was that it was a really friendly experience and it felt really easy for me and of course that’s an added pressure for me… and everybody was wonderful…..a couple people I told about that.. and people were very open and wonderful… people should be open and people should come without expectations…. and people should, whatever happens, happens and I just met incredible people and had great conversations and it was super easy and [off camera: “What you go again?”] of course! I AM gonna come again! When is the next one? I’ll be here. [off camera: Awesome! Thank you, Julie for sharing].

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