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    Testimonials for Dr. Frankie Bashan’s Little Gay Book

    Jean, 47, Physician, San Francisco Bay Area

    I engaged Dr. Frankie in her matchmaking services in 2010 and selected the 12-month matchmaking package with 6 dates. This is one of the best investments I have ever made. During the process, Dr. Frankie searched for potential matches that met the criteria I was looking for. She even selected the date spot and made the reservations for me. Following each date, she collected feedback from me and from my date. She provided guidance along the way that was very helpful. Dr. Frankie is amazing! She has perfected her ability to matchmake over many years. I am so happy I took the leap in hiring her. She helped me find the love of my life. I am a physician with a busy career, not to mention I am also introverted and not someone who frequents bars or social events. This made it very difficult for me to date. I went on several dates through the process, and Dr. Frankie nailed it on date number 4. She selected someone wonderful to introduce me to, and we have been together for 8 years, married for 4. We were so grateful to Frankie that we invited her to our wedding! We have a beautiful 2-year-old daughter, and I couldn’t be happier. Thank you, Dr. Frankie, for sharing your gift and providing a much-needed service!

    Rachael, Freelance Designer

    I highly recommend Dr Frankie’s matchmaking service!

    The caliber of women you’ll meet during this process are on a whole new level. Her process is thorough and fun and she always has her client’s best interest at heart. While one may not find a match, the process certainly helps understand one’s needs and definition of one’s ideal woman. This process has also taught me the need to have fun when it comes to dating and given me the confidence to go out there to met the one!

    Monica, Finance

    I can honestly say I would NOT have met my girlfriend if it weren't for Dr. Frankie.  My girlfriend is younger than me and I probably would have dismissed her because of age if I had come across her on an online site. I arrived at Dr. Frankie's door after several months of online dating and being set up by friends. Taking a leap of faith, I began working with Dr. Frankie hoping to meet women who were outside my typical "type," (since that clearly wasn't working) as well as women who were beyond my expansive lesbian network. As a bit of a control freak it wasn't easy for me to put my love life in someone else's hands, but I'm so glad I did and it was honestly the best decision I made in 2016. Originally, I purchased the matchmaking package that includes 6 introductions.  I only made it to introduction #4.  While I didn't have mutual chemistry with the first three, the quality of those women was exceptional. By introduction #4, all of the attributes I wanted + attraction were ALL there. Introduction #4 and I are now in a healthy and committed relationship and I couldn't be happier. It's not always easy to go out of your comfort zone, but it almost always pays off in one way or another.  It's been a pleasure and a lot of fun working with Dr. Frankie.  I highly recommend her if you are looking for a deeper connection and are having a hard time finding it on your own.

    Micah, Designer

    Engaging in Dr. Frankie's matchmaking services was a life changing experience for me. Through that one person that I really connected with I met a whole community of fabulous women; I am fast friends with many of them now, and the circle keeps growing. Ultimately, through that circle of friends, I met the woman I am now dating. Her introductions were spot on. Even if I ended up not ultimately pursuing the connection, they were high quality people of significance whom I have enjoyed friendships with since. I came to Dr. Frankie with a need to expand my horizons and to meet quality women with whom I would connect: she delivered way beyond my expectations. She cares deeply and engages fully, which earned her my complete trust which she deserved. As an added benefit, she is a hell of a lot of fun to work with during the process!

    Marilynn, Professor

    Yes, everything is going super well! Jennifer and I are both super happy and it feels great! Still on Cloud 9 and it seems to be getting better the more time we spend together. Thank you for introducing us to each other. I don't know that we would have ever crossed paths and even if we had we may not have connected. Glad we don't have to wonder about that!

    Sherri, Realtor

    Oh my God - We are such a good match - it's really quite remarkable! We feel comfortable together, are both very happy and even our dogs are a great match. Thank you so much. I don't know what I would have done without you.

    Amanda, Filmmaker

    I met the woman of my dreams and it's awesome.  I really do think using your service was a great experience and assisted in my quest to find my life partner. Thank you again!

    Robin, Chiropractor

    The minute I met Dr. Frankie from Little Gay Book I realized she has amazing insight and compassion. With so little time in my professional and family life, I am putting my complete faith in her. Her pool of profiles are complete and individual for each person. If you want to find a partner...Dr. Frankie is the professional to provide that service.

    Erin, Psychologist

    I did not really want all of my personal information available to the public on a dating site. I was looking for privacy and a personalized approach which Dr. Frankie of Little Gay Book is known for. She also adjusts her approach as you learn more about yourself through the matchmaking process.

    Kathryn, Stock Broker

    Dr. Frankie made a somewhat daunting experience quite fun. She was able to introduce me to many attractive women. While one may not necessarily find a match, the process does help bring insight to one's definition of an ideal match. I also found it reassuring to know that there are plenty of appealing and like minded women out there who are single. Dr. Frankie does thorough research and is very good at uncovering women who don't frequent bars, social networks, etc., but are very available for relationships.

    Alice, ER Nurse

    It's finally hip to be single! Thanks for making the experience of meeting wonderful, sexy, successful women (and oh-so-many!) easy and fun. 

    Laura McGrath - St. Louis

    Dr. Frankie's dating & relationship coaching was a game-changer for me. What's so effective about Dr. Frankie is that she's a no BS kinda gal. She told me the harsh truth about myself!! Point blank. No sugar coating. Sometimes it was hard to hear, but that's why I wanted to work with her; to be better at dating and relationships. Her eyes definitely bulged at times listening to my sad tales, and immediately called me out on my $hit!! It was hilarious. The humor eased the pain of hearing the truth about myself LOL The critical elements to being successful in working with Dr. Frankie are acknowledgment about oneself, openness to hear constructive feedback and willingness to do things differently the next time around. After so many failed relationships and dating disasters, I took a hard look at myself and acknowledged my contributions to each and every scenario. I wasn't dating anyone at the time of the coaching, but I wanted to set the stage for the future life I know I want. Several months after the coaching when opportunities in the romance department came up, I wasn't slipping back into old patterns and was making the connections I so desperately wanted. Live your best life... if your romantic life isn't what you want, do something about it. I'm grateful for making the investment in myself by working with Dr. Frankie. THANK YOU

    Tanishia J

    Meeting and connecting with you has been nothing short of a blessing and life-changing. Our sessions have been beneficial to me throughout my day to day routine which is beyond incredible. The growth that I am currently experiencing is just amazing. There is just something about you - a good heart, a sense of genuine compassion for another person from every fiber of your being. You have such compassion for people that is just out of this world. You connect with people in such a unique way. Despite being in different time zones and many miles apart I have always felt like I have just walked into your office and sat on a chair across from you. You have been nothing but present, patient, and attentive. You have such a gift that I automatically feel safe and like I am not alone. There is literally nothing that I cannot tell you. I will honestly say that there is just something different about you and I am yet to meet someone quite like yourself. I had been closed off for nearly five years, yet I wanted to tell you all of my thoughts and would even write things down throughout the week to tell. Sometimes an hour did not feel like enough time. NEVER have I met someone that I am able to be my complete self in every way and being accepted with no judgment. You have an understanding and accepting heart and mind. Thank you for allowing yourself to be vulnerable. I have never felt like I am in the middle of a session, but rather on a call with a friend where we can talk about our day. Sharing personal information can be risky, so it is respected and appreciated. I am yet to meet someone that is as humble and understanding, and yet a good listener with a surreal level of intelligence and knowledge at the same time. You have inspired me as a person, a woman, an entrepreneur, and so much more. You have shown me that being vulnerable and letting others in does not make you weak. You truly are an incredible person and a special human being.

    Danielle, 53, Hospitality

    I was sitting alone in the middle of the winter .. my marriage crumbling... it was snowing outside ....thinking after over a decade how was I going to start over.. I Googled Lesbian Dating and Frankie‘s smile came up .. which immediately made me feel better knowing that she even existed..I gave myself the gift of doing a consultation and engaging Dr. Frankie to be my Coach.. It has been a life changing I got my swagger for the first time in terms of dating... found my voice and was able to begin again ... having someone like Frankie to talk to and get tips from spilled over into every area of my life ... Put it this way ... I feel young, free and happy again.. Do yourself a favor .. put yourself first and call Frankie.

    Vanessa, 52, TV Executive

    I have been thinking about you a lot. I admire your self-love and how you built the life you dreamed of having. Our past conversations have taught me that I must spend time by myself, love myself and enjoy my own company for me to build a life that works for me. I have faith that my determination and your help are going to help me build the life I dream of having. Happy holidays! I hope that God always blesses you and your family. Thank you for your support and for being such an inspiration and positive role model. All the best,

    Ruby, Age 48, San Diego

    Dr. Frankie, I want to say thank you. As you can imagine, I’ve talked at length both with friends (gay and straight) and my therapist about this last relationship. Speaking to you in that one hour helped enormously. Your insight coupled with your understanding of the community makes a huge difference.

    Your insights and strategies always make me feel better and my mind feels refreshed after our sessions

    I’m writing you this email to thank you for being such a great professional. Your insights and strategies always make me feel better and my mind feels refreshed after our sessions. Even when I forget some of your strategies and/or I don’t implement them. You are always kind and remind me of my game plan. I know I have big challenges ahead of me: cultivate self-love (healthy lifestyle, CrossFit, self-respect, meaning stop begging for love or for a person to return, healthy view about myself and much more). Well, in actuality I only have ONE challenge and that is Myself. But, I know that with your help, my commitment and determination I’m going to create the life I have always wanted but have always thought I don’t deserve.
    Small Business Owner

    As we're coming up on our 2 year anniversary, I wanted to thank you...

    As Jane and I are coming up on our second year anniversary – I wanted to take the time to thank you once again for all the help you gave me during the time I was trying to come to grips with a fading relationship and preparing for a new journey of self-discovery.  The work of really diving into my own strengths, weaknesses as well as my desires for partner characteristics prepared me for a wonderful life with my wife of two years.  Being vulnerable enough to take a look at my own behavior(s) and how it impacts my relationships was a crucial element in helping me to find my true life partner. Thank you once again for your insights, provocative questions, as well as your kind, wise words. Susan

    Abby, Author & Teacher

    Dr. Frankie helps you navigate the dating jungle. You know how at the beginning of a relationship, when everything is new and tender, you want to run every email, every text by someone you trust? Dr. Frankie is that person.  She's very wise when it comes to interpersonal relationships -- particularly the roller coaster that is dating.  But her help doesn't stop there.  She has such a big heart and such a wealth of knowledge and resources, that working with her opens the world for you -- of dating and of life, in general.  She has helped me with my business, with family issues  (aging parents, parenting my son) and even with making connections in the publishing world.   Anyone who gets to work with Dr. Frankie is lucky. I feel deeply grateful to have met her, and to have had the unique opportunity of working with her.  She is a rare find.

    Julia, Animator

    Dr. Frankie makes you feel comfortable right away. She is honest, warm and compassionate. She makes sure you are taking care of yourself and leading a healthy and balanced lifestyle. With Dr. Frankie’s coaching I was able to emotionally and mentally prepare myself to come out to my very traditional and deeply religious family.  Her guidance and support was pivotal during this transition and for that I will be eternally grateful. I highly recommend her coaching!

    Olivia, Systems Analyst

    I am thankful to you for helping me understand myself and to not be ashamed of who I am. I am a female who adores ladies with beautiful souls. Literally, you saved me from feeling dreadful about myself because of who I am.

    Mary, Engineer

    I meet many people through my life journey, but Dr. Frankie made a mark in my book by being compassionate, non-judgemental but truthful, trustworthy and knowledgeable. This is her gift from God and she is using it wisely helping people.

    Dianna, Admin Assistant

    It has taken me a long time to write a testimonial because I have not been able to find the words to do justice to the work you do with me. It's hard to say in a testimonial, that I completely love you for what you have given me, you are totally my hero, and I aspire to be half the person you are, with the compassion, the kindness, the smarts, your humanity and the great warmth you bring to every session I have with you. I still think these words do not do you justice, but I hope it goes some way to doing that and that others will benefit.

    Sarah, Small Business Owner

    I cannot recommend Dr. Frankie highly enough if you are looking for a dating coach and matchmaker who truly understands you, your needs, and your goals. She will help you not only achieve those, but will exceed all expectations you may have of a dating coach. I came across Dr. Frankie's website a few months ago when I was ready to meet women again, after a difficult break up. I had lost confidence in myself and was at a loss as to know how to start dating again, and how I could do things differently the next time around. Immediately in my first coaching session with Dr. Frankie, she put me at ease combining her knowledge and years of experience working as a clinical psychologist and therapist, with warmth, compassion, humanity and extraordinary insight. I have been having coaching with Dr. Frankie for the past five months. In that time, she has helped me grow immeasurably, and has guided me through dating again, and now the early stages of a new relationship. Her insights, observations and wise counsel are invaluable.

    Zara, Office Manager

    It was a very enlightening experience to meet you for dating coaching. You have the ability to make people feel good and this is a gift from God. It took a lot of courage for me to be at the place I am now. I was not able to see you before, but I finally confronted my fear. There is a purpose for everything that is happening in this world and God put you in my path to accept myself. I have a long journey ahead of me and I don’t know the outcome. During our meeting I had a feeling like my Mom was watching over both of us and she probably has a better understanding of why we were born that way. Thanks and I would like to continue the sessions with you.

    Karlena, CEO

    After months of searching for someone who could really help guide me through my relationship challenges, I found your website and was impressed with the professionalism you presented and the information you had available. Without hesitation, I contacted you for your coaching services. During our first session, I was blown away by the easy level of comfort I had with you. If time would have permitted, I would have talked to you for many more hours. After our first session ended, I knew, without a shadow of a doubt, I selected the right person to help navigate me through my personal challenges. Your knowledge is incredible! You have an uncanny ability to read your clients. This uncanny ability allows you to focus exclusively on your clients’ best interest(s) at heart. By listening to me, you knew exactly what I needed to do and provided me with the tools and resources to do so. Throughout the entire process, you never pushed. Not once. You really felt like a friend. I know the kind of person who pretends to be friendly to clients, but you are real! You have “pure class”. It would be hard to envision someone else doing a better job than you. You are EXCEPTIONAL!

    Roxanna, Psychiatrist

    As a therapist and psychiatrist I thought I had things all figured out. Well, I was wrong.  I found Dr Frankie when I was ailing from a broken heart. Opening up my heart again was a frightening thought. I was drawn to Dr Frankie's profile mostly due to her clinical psychologist background. I was confident she could see into my psyche better than a regular matchmaker. I was especially interested in learning not to see what I wanted to see in the other person, but also at becoming better at identifying red flags. I consulted Dr. Frankie for relationship coaching and matchmaking services.  I met with her for a few months and soon realized that she helped me navigate the dating scene as well as helped me heal. I found her to be very compassionate and present, sharp and witty, an empathetic listener and above all she was able to pick up on my subtle hidden patterns, my unconscious defenses , and my avoidance behaviors.  Dr. Frankie saw through what I wanted her to see, and helped me figure out what I'm really looking for in a relationship. She has a delicate yet firm way of pushing me beyond my comfort zone. I feel I'm one step closer to finding that special person. Thanks Dr. Frankie for being an amazing coach and for helping me heal.

    Lori Ann, Pediatric/Geriatric Occupational Therapist

    I just moved to the Bay Area after a break up that left me feeling like, okay so, “where do I go from here?” I felt like I had at last met the “right” woman, buuuuut… not so much. Fortunately for me though, I did meet Dr. Frankie and it holds true that for every bad situation, there is something or someone great that can assist you in gaining a better perspective of life and yourself. I am grateful that I was blessed to meet Dr. Frankie at that time in my life. She helped me to realize what my patterns are and why I continued to gravitate toward certain women. My first meeting with her left me thinking/feeling that I am so in the right place. Dr. Frankie is warm and completely upfront. Her honesty and sweet demeanor are exactly what anyone could ever ask and hope for in a therapist and coach. It was always easy to share with Dr. Frankie as she consistently and naturally creates a safe and welcoming environment. I never felt the need to filter any thoughts and I could say anything to her. Dr. Frankie is completely non-judgmental. She is very compassionate and utilizes her knowledge in that she consistently gives you the tools you need to be mindful of your behaviors and behaviors from others that are not honoring to you. I feel that Dr. Frankie is right where she should be, professionally and in spirit. She is incredibly intuitive and has a quick sense of gathering who you are as a person. She is a natural at what she does and is amazing at what she provides for others. My spirit feels so much lighter and more free. Thank You, Dr. Frankie.

    Jeremy, Literary Editor

    I have always been shy and dating was an anxiety-provoking nightmare for me. After a few coaching sessions with my dating coach Dr. Frankie Bashan she gave me simple, focused dating tips that helped me find my boyfriend. We've been together now for over a year and I've never been happier.

    Alex, Songwriter

    I received coaching from Dr. Frankie over the past few months and being that I'm not someone who generally asks for advice, that's saying something. I couldn't be happier with the time I received from Dr. Frankie, filled with her thoughtful insight, understanding nature, and encouraging ways. She also gave me excellent advice and tips, even when I wished she was wrong, but knew she was right. The thing about Dr. Frankie is, not only is she intelligent and qualified, she is also invested and caring and you never feel like she's watching the clock. She genuinely cares for you as a person, and if for no other reason, that's why you can trust her in such personal endeavors as coaching, matchmaking, or any of her services. I would recommend Dr. Frankie to anyone reading this as well as my closest friends. And if all of this hasn't convinced you, I met the love of my life two weeks into my coaching sessions with Dr. Frankie and we've been dating for almost 2 months now. Is Dr. Frankie directly responsible, probably not, but did she help? Definitely. And I know she can help you too.

    Amanda, Psychotherapist

    Dr. Frankie's compassion, strength of character, and professional acumen created a holding environment that allowed me to be open about my struggle with relationships and to explore different approaches to old patterns.  Thank you for your support and encouragement Dr. Frankie!

    Lynn, Financial Manager

    My dating experiences pre and post working with Frankie are like night and day - huge improvement! She helped me identity the patterns that were making it difficult for me to connect with the kind of women I want to meet and provided specific recommendations for breaking out of those patterns. She challenged me to step out of my comfort zone, gave insightful feedback, and was always responsive to requests for additional information on the topics we were covering. The best part was that working with Frankie was an absolute pleasure! I looked forward to each session because engaging with Frankie always felt comfortable and energizing, even when we were talking about highly sensitive or difficult issues.

    Alicia, Accountant

    My meeting with Dr. Frankie was fun and enlightening. I felt as though I was talking to a dear friend I hadn't seen in years. She asked lot's of relevant questions about who I am and what I'm looking for in a partner. Overall, it was a very pleasant experience and I got a few great dating pointers, too. Thanks for existing, Dr. Frankie!

    Dara, Pharmacist

    People come in and out of your life and some people make a special lasting impression on you. Dr. Frankie or Hitch is one of those people who will make a big difference in your life. Hitch has been my dating coach for over four months now. I am a shy, overachieving nerd who has trouble setting boundaries and of course been looking for love in the wrong places. Hitch has made a positive impact on my life by giving me a makeover (yes, I look cooler), increased my confidence, balancing my work and personal life and of course gives me advice on how to approach the girls. I am most proud to say that Hitch has taught me about life and friendship because I know that hitch is also my friend.

    Meredith, Statistical Analyst

    I met Dr. Frankie in an unlikely place for me--a bar. My friend and I just happened to be looking in as we were walking in an Oakland neighborhood. Dr. Frankie came up to us and asked whether we would like to participate in speed dating. She was friendly, enthusiastic, and warm, but not pushy. While I couldn't join the speed dating event that night, I got an immediate good feeling from Dr. Frankie. After trying the online dating scene for some time and not knowing how to approach dating after the end of a long-term relationship, I contacted Dr. Frankie and began working with her as a dating coach. She is positive, upbeat, and has many practical and useful tips for meeting women. I also find her background as a psychologist a definite plus to working with her. She has very good insight, and I felt like she "got" me very quickly, and so can tailor our sessions to work with my unique needs. 

    Stacy, Real Estate Broker

    Dr. Frankie's coaching has helped me define what I am really looking for in a life partner. Through her sessions I have gained the confidence to venture back out into the dating world. If you are ready to jump start your love life towards a more positive path and to stop repeating past decisions that have not served your best self, invest in the coaching series Dr. Frankie offers.

    Maya, Marketing Executive

    I am living proof that Dr. Frankie and her relationship coaching skills are a tremendous asset to our LGBT community.  Dr. Frankie is someone who truly cares about the happiness and well being of her clients.  She impressed me immediately with her ability to connect with me and as a result provided me with insight that truly resonated.  Dr. Frankie is thoughtful, empathic, and most importantly non-judgemental.  She was able to meet me on my level and responded in a warm and healing way.  She took the time to really understand the issues I brought up, even if it occasionally meant going beyond my 50 minute session.  I have recommended Dr. Frankie to several of my closest friends, and I recommend her to you without hesitation! 

    Barrett, Lobbyist

    Dr. Frankie was a great step in kick-starting my dating.  She has been really helpful in getting clarity around what is important to me in a partner and in becoming aware of old dating patterns that may have been keeping me from the relationship I want.

    Carol, Technologist

    The first characteristic that comes to mind when I think of Dr. Frankie is her non-judgement. I feel comfortable stating the traits I'm seeking in another no matter how superficial. She listens to your feedback and responds accordingly.  

    Catherine, Writer

    Thank you for running a wonderful [speed dating] program on Saturday. Your energy consistently sets an upbeat, comfortable and warm atmosphere, encouraging even the most anxious speed-daters to feel at ease. Thank you for sharing your gift with people, and building such a positive space. I'm grateful to you for squeezing a walk-in into the group on Saturday, I had a great deal of fun and met some terrific women.


    I must say attending last night's lesbian speed dating event opened up my mind. It was a wonderful experience regardless of the end result. As a person who never believed in relationships nor even friendship but invested 90 minutes meeting 19 wonderful individuals, it kept me thinking and perhaps reshaping my future. I should say it was also wonderful to meet you and that adds up to 20! Please accept my sincere thanks for creating such safe space for our community. I went to your website and visited several youtube videos answering letters. Please keep up the good work. I will help by spreading the word. You and your team rock!

    Lauren, Executive Admin

    If it weren't for Dr. Frankie Bashan and Little Gay Book I wouldn't have been introduced to so many beautiful and talented women. Thank you on behalf of all the women you connect on lifelong levels of love and friendship.

    Rachel, Teacher

    Thank you so much for your time last night during our consultation.  It was great to meet you and talk about the possibilities of matchmaking.  You are so warm and approachable, not to mention knowledgeable about the field. Lesbians everywhere are lucky to have someone of your professional caliber helping connect women to each other.  It's no surprise that you are expanding all over the place!- Rachel, Teacher

    Amber, Software Sales

    I had the best time speed dating at Hey Girl Hey last Saturday.  My friend and I ended up meeting a couple cute girls there and my friend got a number from a Hot Italian girl! The rest of them were pretty butchy and brunette (not really my type, I've got a thing for blondes, ha!) But they were mostly local and I made 6 new friends.  We had a great time afterwards and ERA was such a great venue.  Thanks for an entertaining evening for this bored SF kid!

    Alice, ER Nurse

    It's finally hip to be single! Thanks for making the experience of meeting wonderful, sexy, successful women (and oh-so-many!) easy and fun.