Lesbian Matchmaker Dr. Frankie Bashan Helps Career Women Come Out of Their Shells & Meet Someone Special

Lesbian singles sometimes have trouble finding one another in today’s fast-paced dating scene. It isn’t easy to juggle dating, careers, and families, so some women seek professional help to save them time and effort. Dr. Frankie Bashan, Founder of Little Gay Book offers several invaluable services to single women, including matchmaking, dating coaching, and singles events. Her experience as a lesbian matchmaker and clinical therapist helps her give straightforward, insightful, and effective dating advice to lesbian and bisexual women around the world. If you’re looking for a way to streamline the dating process, you can enlist the services of Little Gay Book to jump-start your love life with superb date recommendations, motivational exercises, and dynamic events. Go here to read the original version of this article, published Feb 22, 2018 on datingadvice.com.

Dr. Frankie Lesbian Matchmaking

Frankie only takes 10 -15 matchmaking clients at a time so she can deliver high-quality matches.

Dr. Frankie Bashan has always been an extroverted people person. From a young age, she saw herself as a connector — someone who could bridge the divide between two people.

When she was 13, she set her father up on a date with someone she thought gelled with his personality. They hit it off right away, and Frankie was happy to see the woman become her step-mom. The couple ended up getting married and having three children.

Looking back, Frankie said, “That was my first successful match. They were married for 25 years.”

Dr. Frankie Bashan founded Little Gay Book to connect and support single women.  At first, Frankie thought of matchmaking as a hobby. It was fun. She was good at it. But her main focus was on putting herself through school and then becoming a clinical therapist.

When she began her practice, however, she found herself gravitating toward women who were experiencing relationship issues — some were single and unable to find a partner, while others were in committed relationships but facing conflict. These personal struggles resonated with Frankie, and she felt that she could do more to help her clients as a female-focused dating coach and matchmaker.

She founded Little Gay Book in 2009 to be a full-service dating solution for singles and couples facing an array of challenges in their personal lives. Today, she offers singles events, matchmaking services, and individual therapy or coaching sessions to empower women to go after their relationship goals. “I saw in my clients a significant need not being attended to,” she said, “and I thought I could help.”

High-End Matchmaking Brings Compatible Partners Together

Most of Frankie’s matchmaking clients are on the higher end of the socioeconomic spectrum. She caters her premium services to women over 30 and said the average age hovers around 45. The lesbian matchmaker focuses on connecting women with partners who have long-term potential. “These are professional women who are used to outsourcing parts of life because they value their free time,” she said. “They hire me to streamline the dating process.”

Click here to join Frankie’s high-end matchmaking programs. It’s completely free to enroll, create a profile, and add your name to Little Gay Book’s potential match list. If you seem to be compatible with a client, the matchmakers will get in touch to schedule a consultation in person or via video chat. In this way, they screen matching clients.

If you want to get the full hands-on matchmaking experience, you can upgrade to a premium matchmaking package wherein the matchmakers guarantee to arrange a certain number of dates within six to 18 months, depending on the client’s desired time frame.

Frankie and her team of matchmakers put considerable effort into arranging dates for this select group.

While she carefully considers every aspect of a person’s lifestyle and personality, she also relies on her own gut instincts and experiences as a professional matchmaker. She told us she won’t take on more than 15 clients at a time because she wants to be able to take her time and truly get to know the people she works with so she can introduce them to high-quality dates who are right for them.

Frankie takes her responsibility as a lesbian matchmaker very seriously. “Women are coming to me and handing me their hearts,” she said. “I’m so grateful to have the ability to touch their lives the way I do.”

Over the years, Frankie has received many glowing testimonials from clients who say her advice, support, and match suggestions helped them become more confident and successful daters.

“I highly recommend Dr. Frankie’s matchmaking service,” said Rachael, a freelance designer and former client. “The caliber of women you’ll meet during this process are on a whole new level.”

Hosting Age-Themed Singles Events in 13 Cities

In addition to her exclusive matchmaking services, Frankie also hosts singles events where single women can come and meet dozens of date prospects in one evening. She designed these events to be a more affordable and accessible dating solution for lesbians who aren’t ready for matchmaking.

You can mix and mingle in a curated dating setting at a local speed dating event. Frankie organizes age-themed events in 13 cities across the US, including San Francisco, Oakland, Boston, New York City, Seattle, San Diego, Miami. Some of the events are rather intimate, with 20 to 25 people invited to a dinner party, while others are massive, assembling 100+ attendees at a singles mixer.

Speed Daters in San Francisco meet each other during a "Single Mingle" event.

Speed Daters in San Francisco meet each other during a “Single Mingle” event.

lesbian speed dating new york

The Little Gay Book team uses a matching algorithm to streamline personal connections between attendees at the events. The simple texting technology has women meeting compatible speed daters based on the women’s ages and date preferences.

“It’s growing like wildfire,” Frankie said of the events. “We’ve designed a scalable system so now there’s infinite opportunities, and we don’t have to turn people away.” These fun events give women the chance to find romance without going too far outside their comfort zones.

“I hope to grow my speed dating events to every part of the country,” Frankie said, “especially in areas where career women might not have access to one another.”

Dating Coaching & Wing Woman Services Offer Honest Support

Not everyone feels comfortable going to an event by themselves, so many single women end up staying at home and missing opportunities to meet new people and potentially finding a love interest. That’s why Frankie launched her wingwoman service for women in the San Francisco Bay Area. Women can sign up for this service to have a professional dating expert accompany them to any event on their social calendars.

All you have to do is fill out a form explaining the details of the event you want to attend. The wingwomen want to know things like how big the event will be and how many viable date prospects you expect will attend so they can come up with a tailored social strategy to make the evening go well.

These wingwomen will go to the event undercover, behaving like a friend, and facilitate social interactions with the goal of connecting the client with as many potential dates as possible. As Frankie said, “Someone with solid social skills will help you meet people, so you don’t have to go to any event by yourself and feel awkward.”

Want someone to motivate you throughout your dating journey? Consider Frankie’s lesbian dating and relationship coaching services. She uses private sessions to help singles and couples change their negative thinking patterns and eliminate the obstacles standing between them and their relationship goals.

“I build a rapport with clients, so I can often tell them things no one else can,” she said. “Coaching provides a safe environment to give feedback.”

Frankie recalled one time she had the unpleasant duty of telling a client with body odor that her hygiene habits could be the reason she was having trouble landing a second date. It was a tricky conversation, but Frankie tackles such problems with a straightforward and can-do approach. Within six months, the woman was in a relationship, and she’s now happily married.

Dr. Frankie helps you navigate the dating jungle… She’s very wise when it comes to interpersonal relationships.” — Abby, an author and teacher

Little Gay Book Can Kick-Start Your Love Life

From a young age, Frankie knew her calling in life was to help people find happiness. Now, backed by years of academic study and personal experience, the lesbian matchmaker has established her company as a one-stop shop for lesbian and bisexual women seeking love. If you don’t have the time or energy to date on your own, you can enlist Frankie’s hands-on assistance in the dating world.

In the last few years, Little Gay Book has been responsible for countless love stories, weddings, and families. The matchmakers, wingwomen, dating coaches, and event organizers work tirelessly to help high-achieving women form lasting relationships with one another.

Whether you need an honest pep talk or a personalized date recommendation, Dr. Frankie Bashan’s steadfast support and honest insights can set you up for romantic success.

“I help women get in a better headspace,” she said. “I’m honored to have the opportunity to help so many people with such a difficult challenge in their lives.”

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