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    I Met My Wife at a Little Gay Book Single Mingle

    I participated in one of your speed dating events last year. The one woman I gave feedback as “2nd date,” had also chosen only me as for a 2nd date.

    Since that first connection, there’s never been a dull moment between us. It’s been so enthralling, we are looking to get married next year. I can happily proclaim, “I met my wife at a Little Gay Book Single Mingle.”

    As a police officer, my experiences with dating included too many instances of me having to bend, compromise and challenge my own beliefs. And while I appreciate stepping out of one’s comfort zone, I found that due to how I spend my workdays, dating was an extreme challenge.

    We have great sex, intense discussions and always challenge each other from different sides of the spectrum. It’s been a great ride. If I were single I’d be a great candidate for your show. Thank you for hosting such fun events and I hope more women attend so they too can find the loves of their lives.