Our FIRST Lesbian Dinner for Six = 83% match rate!

Last night’s Dinner for 6 at Firefly was wildly successful.

Beginning on a stressful note, we had a last minute cancellation: Diner #6 couldn’t attend and that left the evening with only FIVE. While I frantically texted all the consultants of LGB for referrals, a sparkling replacement arrived (completely spontaneously) bringing a new energy and glow to the evening.

As I looked around at the attractive, accomplished women I could see our vetting had worked. They were all well suited to each other in various ways. The wine and conversation flowed effortlessly. Women kept saying:

This was such a great idea!

I am so glad you created this event!

I definitely want a second date with some of these women.

After we ate our sumptuous meal, we finished the night with light desserts. Everyone left with big smiles, expressing sincere “thank you’s” and two women left together walking each other home.

5 out of the 6 women matched for a 2nd date. That means that BOTH women indicated they wanted a 2nd date with the other woman. I’d say that was success!

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