Femme Seeking Butch

Dear Dr. Frankie,
How do I charm a butch?

-Femme Seeking Butch

Dear Femme Seeking Butch,

As a femme I’m sure you know how to get your “sexy on”. I recommend you show up at an event where you know she’ll be, wearing an outfit you feel sexy in. It’s also important to of course to remember to wear sexy underwear because it only makes you feel even sexier which changes the way you present yourself because you’re feeling really good about the way you look and feel. Many butch women aren’t as confident as they appear to be therefore if you were able to muster up the courage to approach her flirtatiously and ask her out for a coffee or a drink she would most likely be flattered and be incredibly impressed by your confidence and courage. A confident woman who goes for what she wants is incredibly sexy. Go get her girl!

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