Tressa O'Lear

Putting Respect on Her Name: Tressa O’Lear

Join Dr. Frankie and Denise Rai in this episode of “Love, Laughs, and Lessons” as they explore the dynamic world of matchmaking with veteran expert Tressa O’Lear. Beginning her journey in 1989, Tressa has been a part of the matchmaking evolution from traditional handwritten notes to today’s digital approaches.In the episode, Tressa recounts her intriguing path from answering a newspaper ad to becoming a revered matchmaker. She discusses the vital roles of trust and respect in forming lasting relationships and the shifts she has observed in the matchmaking landscape over the years.Dive into the stark differences between contemporary online dating and classic matchmaking methods, where Tressa emphasizes the significance of deep, genuine connections. Known for her honest and direct style, Tressa’s experiences offer a unique insight into the timeless core of matchmaking amidst evolving techniques. Tune in for an engaging conversation that connects the dots from the past to the present in the pursuit of authentic love and partnership.

February 2, 2024

46 Minutes

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